Ascension advice: Magni, Isarnia or Skadi?

Hey fellow forum folks, I’m looking for some opinions on who of the three to take to 4.80.

My current roster for some perspective:


Alasie +6
Magni 3/70
Isarnia 1/1
Skadi 1/1
Magni 1/1

Kiril +7
Boril +3
Agwe 4/70
Captain of Diamonds 4/70
Triton +5
Grimm +9
Mireweave 3/60


Domitia +2

Rigard +17 w/costume
Tiburtus +10 w/costume
Cheshire Cat 4/50
Cyprian 3/60
Sabina +20
Rigard 3/60
Tiburtus 1/1

Justice +10
Bai Yeong 1/1

Wu Kong +14
Chao +6
Gullinbursti +9
Li Xiu 4/70
Chao 3/60


Lianna +2
Horghall w/costume 3/50

Gadeirus +9
Little John +18
Melendor +9
Caedmon +9
Skittleskull +1
Gobbler 3/60
Little John 1/1


Jean-Francois +3
Khagan 3/70
Azlar 4/80
Lady Loki 1/1

Boldtusk +20 w/costume
Kelile +14
Gormek 4/70
Scarlett 4/70
Colen 1/1
Boldtusk 1/1
Sumitomo 3/60
Sumle 3/30

So yeah, I don’t really know who to go with, they are all three very different types of heroes with very different specials… What do you think goes best with what I have already? Thanks in advance :slight_smile:

I would go Magni, fast mana snipers are the best way to get rid off opponents threats.

Skadi looks great, but you have to fight minions to get him to full performance and there are not so much red minion makers where he can shine.

Isarnia is devastating, but slow heroes in current meta are difficult and Grimm will do the def down for a while

I will do Magni first, if I have merc for only 1 first. Same reason as pointed by @Sh3r1ff

Magni first. The next that stands out to me is Lady Loki. I’d stop upping Horhall right now, even with the costume he’s not a great hero. I’m asking the 5* purple gods to be kind to you, you need a strong purple@

Well, this seem unanimous so far…

I’ve stopped leveling Horghall ages ago, luckily I pulled Lianna. I’m also actually quite happy with purple so far, excited to have Cheshire Cat available soon. But yeah, more is always better :wink:

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