Which blue hero should I ascend next

I need help with which 2 blues to ascend…Skadi, Fenrir, Glenda, Misandra, Raffaele, Isarnia/costume, Thorne. I already have 3 leveled which are Richard, Vela, and Magni. I’ve been stuck on which blue to level for so long now I have enough to do 2…

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Do Skadi. I hear she’s good, especially against minion summoning heroes like Bera, Freya, Telluria, etc. Hoard you scopes for other better blue legendaries like Finley, Cobalt, Lord Loki, Ariel, King Arthur, Frida, Athena or Miki.


Thanks for the input its always so hard to make the decision when materials are scarce

Shading should be #1. Depending on your healer situation, Raffy is a good choice if you need more of those.

Skadi then Fenrir.
Skadi, great all around. Fenrir lights out for the enemy if <50% HP.

I am in a very similar situation with my blues…so many good ones. Anyway, I did Glenda first and don’t regret it. She’s super powerful and supports your heroes too. The only other one I would consider using instead of her is Skadi. It depends really on what you need. Whoever you settle on, you won’t be disappointed. All the heroes you mentioned are great.

Thank you all so much for your input, I went with Skadi and am super happy so far!!

I use her 90% of the time in attacking. Even without minions, if you kill a hero you get the frost and mana reduction stacking.

Skadi most important of those… Then in my opinion… Glenda or Raffaele.


Then Isarnia+costume.
Good hero fullstop (despite slow) but titans are a huge source of ascension materials, and you’ll get huge tile damage and a long defence debuff from her.

Only Athena dethrones her as your titan debuffer, and you’ll probably still bring her for tile damage anyway (I do!)

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How does that work? Do you just make sure to fire C.Isarnia before Athena every time? I imagine sometimes it might be difficult since they’re different speeds unless you use tornadoes/mana pots?

I’ve been using C.Magni on red titans but have Isarnia at 3/70 and costume unleveled. Have 12 scopes but contemplating whether it’s worth bringing her up or maxing Raffaele whos at 3/70. Other option would be another C.Magni or just wait until something better.

Realistically, I don’t fire either until Miki is ready… Normally I’ll fire Miki and Athena, then fire Isarnia if there’s any downtime before Miki is ready again to re-fire the pair of them.

Either way, with costume bonus the tile damage is useful enough on its own to bring her even if she doesn’t get fired.

I use the costume version because tile damage is higher, but I’d use the regular version over cMagni if those were the choices… Whether it’s worth it to you is another question entirely.

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