Which blue 5* to ascend?

Another one of these questions…

I have magni, fenrir, rafaelle at 4/80

I have:

Which one to level up next? I have 6 scopes already. Main use will be for war and/or raids. Was leaning towards Glenda or cRichard.

Not the popular opinion but I personally love Isarnia (her high attack stat is great for stacks in addition to her debuff). Great for war attacks and great for titans. Adds a nice defense debuff to your blues and her costume is killer as well. She’s slow but worth it. But, Glenda adds some decent utility and damage at average to 3. Isarnia is first imo but if too slow for you go with Glenda.


I am on the opposite with isarnia. I don t like her . She will fire very few times with that squisy defence and life. If you add attack+ def + life the total number will be on of the worst 5* heroes in the game. Not talking about her costume which is a huge improvment, but tou dont have that.

I would go with glenda or c richard if you lack a tank

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In my honest opinion, costume Richard if you need a blue tank, after that it would be Glenda and then probably Isarnia / Fenrir.
Whichever hero you choose good luck

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I just dont like slow heroes so much. They take too long to fire. So i am not too hot on isarnia. But i do agree that once you have her costume then it changes things.

CRichard would make for a good tank but i am pretty happy with onatel for now. Keeps me at low end diamond tier…

Imho I would chosse Glenda when you’re happy with Onatel as tank.

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