Telluria or Ratatoskr. Who to level 1st

Who to level first… as far as i know (so ok Alby and mn) are these the first green healers

They both have interesting specials.

Telluride should be the first green tank after Yunan.

My ally does dark tanks and I already got Aegir and Kűnchen, so no special need for green tanks.

My greens are Lianne, Kingston 18, Eve, Maggy, Zeline 18 and Lotl 17. The tiles from ratoskin look very nice… lol and I’ve got 11 tonics do don’t have to wait very long.

Are both no-brainers? Or is there one that should be upped first? If you forget my greens would the answer be the same?


Who to level first

  • Telluria
  • Ratatoskr
  • Doesn’t matter
  • Depending on your roster
  • Neither

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You already have a kick ■■■ tank in Kunchen so you don’t really need one of them…

I voted Ratatoskr as he’s getting a lot of love vs. titans and other green stacks.

Im in the same dilemma… dunno who to choose

Wish I had this dilemma… I’d flip a coin and ascend any of them, just pass them over…

Ratatoskr with evelyn vs titan is the best choice, heavy damage esoecially with scrolls. Telluria can wait until next tonic which coming anyway very soon.

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