Lady of the Lake vs Telluria for Ascension?

Been working on LoL but pulled Tell this am.

I have sorcerer AND Paladin emblems aplenty waiting for the choice.

My alliance doesn’t run green tanks

Kingston is emblemed on my defence

I use mono exclusively in war and have 3 green teams able to run well. Green A team is North/Lianna/Lianna/King/Eve
B is Alby/Lianna/Buddy/King/Eve
C is a mishmash but good enough to one-shot 4100-4200 teams regularly

Who gets the tonics? Thoughts?

If you need a green defensive hero, then telluria. Offensively and very fast tourneys: LotL by a large margin IMO.

Who’s your current defence tank?

Santa, Drake, Zim - I can do any of the three and stay around 2600

For a few reasons I’ll say Telly

  1. Average v. Slow: you will be using offensively and slow heroes on offense always take a touch too long for my taste

  2. No control over LotL mana drop: relying on RNG to hit the right enemy with the mana drop is not something I’m crazy about and is better suited for def.

  3. Elemental link

Edit: I just assumed (maybe wrongly, that you aren’t trying to change your def)


Regarding your deck, can’t say you have an issue with green atm. Neither is a prio as your green deck is already very strong.

So pick up the most desirable for you. One thought on Telluria, lot of people higlight her for defense, but she looks like very decent in offense to me. Her minions/heal and mana effect pay you with time to rework the board.
While her effect as a tank is questionnable in a world where Grazul walks for a while.

Yeah, I’m kind of comparing their abilities to anchor my 3rd Green mono hit team and Telly looks like a better fit in the healer roll behind North and Alby.

As we move away from the blue tank meta this may be less of a priority however.

I need to play with both at 3/70 because so far I’ve not been able to get LoL’s special to be meaningfully contributing to my offence.

All that said, if either could be an upgrade to war defence (we run yellow tanks - the only colour where I don’t have an obvious tank so I use Drake).

I have Vela at 3/79 as well and Tell/Vela are supposed to synergize well. That may be an option.

First off, your green ‘B’ team is better than what I can field. :sob:

I actually think that’s slightly relevant in the following sense: your teams are strong enough that I’m not sure you need to strongly consider who fits in best to the next team / who will give you the most in a very specific raid tournament setup, etc.

Instead, I’m going to propose that you make this decision based on who you find the most fun to use. Take them both to 3.70 and see who has mechanics you find more enjoyable.


That Would be Telluria because her special - which otherwise I would consider annoyingly long, features a Maple Leaf, which i choose to take to mean she’s Canadian (Like Wolverine); so I favour the fellow Canuck. :wink:

Had Lady Of the Lake been Blue (and she ought to have been - she’s not Lady of Pond Scum or Lady of Kelp); I’d have had a conundrum as in blue she’d reasonably resemble my avatar

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Totally valid. It’s a game, after all! I haven’t seen her yet, so that’s a very intriguing description.

Guess I made the right call.


I haven’t seen her neither and I really want to.

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