Who to ascend ? Fenrir or Thorne?

i have full ascended and emblems Magni,Glenda,Raffaele,Vela and Miki. Only for war and raid

Your Thorne has costume?

Do you have emblems to spare? They doesn’t shine by themselves, both needs to meet the right requirements to do well as for example hitting heroes with a lowered defense score.

Fenrir can help Magni kill a single target, Thorne can deal good damage by following Glenda’s hit.
Do you usually play mono?

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Are there any emblems involved? My gut reaction is to immediately suggest Fenrir, but if your fighter emblems are on Magni (who I also think is good) and you have paladin emblems free, then it’s a different story.

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nop ! ftp here… :slight_smile:

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only play mono ,sometimes 3/2 but very rarely

yes my fighter emblems are on magni,poseidon and kingston

If there aren’t emblems either way, my vote goes for Fenrir. He’s got higher stats, he can finish the wounded in wars… But I admit, I am quite truly biased here. I’ve been slavering over Fenrir since the day of his release because fangs & death aside, you just can’t beat his style. :wink:

Backing up on that, though, I hadn’t considered what @FraVit93 said about the Thorne/Glenda synergy. I expect they would go very well together. You’re probably better off if I just shut up & listen :joy:

It’s not an easy choice but I think that overall your mono team could need Thorne (discarding Miki).

If you didn’t play mono Fenrir could have fitted into other teams more easily, killing low health heroes shielded behind minions and such.

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i gues thorne is better ,i have emblems …but i like fast fenrir :slight_smile:
…have 2 slow heroes in mono,i think to change miki with fenrir,miki is good but rarely fire the specials, and 4 star items …come sooo slowly :slight_smile:

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