Seriously considering Thorne over Richard

I’ve got 2 Magni’s with costumes and Kiril, Grimm and Sonya with costumes. I usually play:

C Kiril, C Magni, C Grimm, CB Magni +14, C/CB Sonya

On mono raid attack. I feel like Thorne would add more than Richard as Richard’s attack down doesn’t matter because of C Kiril. No other blue 5* to choose from right now. Any suggestions appreciated.


I think that your reasoning makes sense :slight_smile:


For a cheap to play, I think Thorne is a viable solution.


Thanks @Nexus1254. I’m sitting on a bunch of paladin emblems too. Is that the attack or defense/health track?

Attack path


To complicate things I just drew Alasie. I’m assuming no contest I go with her, but Thorne I have emblems for and I just gave all of my ranger emblems to Liana…


No contest. I’m f2p and Thorne +18 does me well. But Alasie is on another level.


In raid, I think Thorne is better for raid. I have Richard+20 with attack path. Even I use Grimm+Richard, they barely kill any enemy. But I have Magni costume, so I prefer Richard over Thorne. I use Richard as average 5* lower attack for S2/S3/S4 hard mode and ninja tower. Lower attack mayn’t useful much in offense raid but it is very useful in any hard map stage.

I have Richard and Thorne, but I prefer the full emblem of Richard. I think Richard is good for the war defense team


You have a bunch of heroes doing the same thing (cKiril and cMagni both give def down), tho i dont mind keeping cKiril since he is your only healer at the moment. I think you can switch out grimm and sonya for both thorne and alasie. Ascend both to 3/70 and see which one will be more useful. :grinning:

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I love atk down heroes so I’d say it mostly depends. If you’ve got costume quintus or Vela for example, I’d max Thorne over Richard.

In you case, you’ve got C. Kiril who will ATK+DEF down all enemies which can be conflicting with Richard. I’d choose Thorne.


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He speaks sense. Alasie is head and shoulders above Thorne and Richard. I have Thorne and Richard ascended and I use them in my 2nd war team when we get red tanks but if the option was there to have an Alasie instead Id take your hand off for it.


I think you should go for Alasie. A very good hero and versatile as she is useful in attack and defense.

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Not to wander off topic here, but you get red war tanks? I would give a kidney for just one war that was NOT green tanks. Every war. Is green tanks.

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Yep we do.

We’ve also seen Purple tanks and Blue tanks. The blue was all 30 Krampus in a fast war and I never want to see it again but you know, it had “variety” I guess…the Krampus with 2 Mother North’s gave me PTSD…never again do I want to face that :joy:

I mean we run Green tanks normally and Purple in Rush. When you get red tanks it’s because they have masses of the Garnets and Black Knights. So not as much fun as you’d think (though we beat that 2 wars ago)

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