Fenrir or Magni to ascend

Very torn here as to which to ascend

Would be nice if you tell what other heroes you have max…it’s A LOT easier for others to give you best advice…

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See: Voidstrike’s ToS of his reply

I lean Fenrir from my opinion I believe the >50% 600% damage is really great.

Although over 50% where Magni may finish off a target Fenrir may not, but I believe the payoff is worth that risk, especially as Fenrir can help his own survival with his heal based on damage.


Am facing same question on both of my accou ts - blue 5 stars already at 4/80 already on 1 account are - miki, aegir, frida, alasie, vela, isarnia…on the other i have Athena, miki, perseus, richard, vela, thorne

today…Fenrir…however, the long game question is Fenrir or Costumed Magni (of course you would need to pull the costume)

I would go with Fenrir…due to combo with heroes you have and same reasons above Voidstrike mentioned.

Fenrir or costumed Magni?

It seems like with as valuable as defense down is, costumed Magni gets the edge. -34% for 4 turns to 3 with 7 tiles is significant. Though Fen has better base stats by a bit.

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Costumed Magni easily…he is definitely in the top 3 costumes and probably one of the best heroes in the game offensively. I mean, a 5* Grimm that actually has good defense AND offense? Sign me up!


Yeah he is solid. It’s a shame he lost his fighter class, but the druid minion shield could be nice too. What would you say are the top 3 costumes?

Me? I’d say Lianna, Joon, and Magni I think. Sartana and Domitia are solid too. There are a lot of pretty good ones to be honest.

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I pulled Domitia too but seeing her in action she seems a bit disappointing. Joon and Lianna are awesome though

I maxed out magni due too everyone said he was sooooo good… but was disappointed my only other blue are Thorne and Frida… so with Frida I choose Thorne over magni 85%of the time…(yes you read it right…Thorne give me 1600 total damage magni only 950)… but I just got his costume… ohhhhh baby now he is awesome Frida element down magni defense down = brutal I’m thinking about giving him all the fighter emblem (sorry yunan and tyr) very happy with this pull…also his old artwork was probably one of the worst… very cool looking now

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Just pulled Fenrir too, & I have Costumed Magni sitting at 3/70 waiting for 1 more scope… Is it still the consensus Costume Magni over Fenrir??

I’m in the same boat. Have both Fenrir and Costume Magni each sitting at 3-70.

I’m leaning towards ascending Magni, fast mana speed and defense down to 3 enemies is huge. Also, with the costume mana bonus, I believe you would only need a lvl 23 (as opposed to lvl 29) mana troop to drop a tile to charge Magni.

The issue I have with Fenrir is that he doesn’t hit hard enough at the beginning of the raid. He seems to be designed as an end-raid hero – at the end of the raid he is awesome, he takes out heros left-and-right, gaining mana and health along the way.

On the other hand, Costume Magni is solid throughout the raid!

I like magni! I would ascend magni.

All true… D down is hard to get with a Fast 5*… couple that with balanced A & D and Base HPs of 1467 for a fast hero… So u can go the Atk Path for emblems all the way if u want & not worry about him being squishy on D anymore… Been waiting for a good Blue to replace my +6 Richard & give his emblems to Telly… Unless I hear any good arguments for Fen I think I’ll stick to my current game plan & just get Fen to 3/70 for awhile…

Plus I’m running 4* D Troops on my blue hero so that also gets rid of any D concerns so I can focus on getting Magni’s Atk back up to his non-costume number as much as possible… :+1:

I’d probably go Magni too, I don’t have him, though I have an ascended Fen.

I feel Fen works really well in a stack, so when you’re doing multiple attacks at the same time, say you have 3 blues charged.

Magni probably stands on his own better.

I frequently pair Fenrir with Vela, hopefully one day Ariel (3/70) will join the gang.

Frida plus C.Magni plus Thorne equals 3 dead or dying enemy heroes.

It’s even better than that! You only need a level 17 mana troop for a faster hero with full costume bonus to charge in 7 tiles :+1:t2:

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