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Who should I take to the top next? I have the scopes for one now, and will have enough for a second when I complete POV. I’m lacking a solid blue 5* healer which leans me more towards Raffaele, but I also love Fenrir’s massive bite. I think those would be the best two. What do you think? For what it’s worth I’ll show a pic of my D-team so you can see who will compete for emblems. I’ve also nearly maxed Joon who would get the monk emblems over Raffaele. I don’t have an emblemed paladin so that could make Thorne or Richard prospects. I do have Clarissa, and Zulag as well that would compete. Honestly I was holding out hoping to get Odin to use those paladin emblems on, but no go on that. Any, and all advice is welcome. Thanks in advance everyone!

None of those would go on defense over Alasie in defense so it’s about depth. I have Raffy and he’s solid, don’t use him a whole lot though, I prefer using maxed emblemed costume Kiril for most situations. I use +18 fenrir a LOT. The feature I like about him the best is if he kills someone with his special, it only takes 3 ghost tiles to charge him again. SO many times that gives me two kills in a row.

I wouldn’t do Thorne or Richard, Alasie and Fenrir are better snipers than Thorne and Richard is only good for forced blue tank in war. I have Glenda too, looking forward to her in a blue titan stack…but I am leveling Skadi…she takes precidence. Rumple is a wild card, good skills but I hate the unknown.

Cheers friend!

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Absolutely agree! Thanks for the feedback!

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Fenrir and Glenda top my list as the two you should do next but Fenrir first as having another sniper alt. to Alasie is a good thing, then Glenda when you get the other scope from POV.

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