Can't decide which hero to ascend, please help

I need your help ppl. Can’t decide which hero to ascend that’s gonna fit best in my blue team. Right now it looks like this - Kiril CB, Magni, Grimm, Glenda, Vela. So Grimm is out. But which one is in?

  • Richard costume
  • Thorne
  • Fenrir
  • Wait for better 5*

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Thanks in advance!

fenrir is the better option

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I’m leaning towards him too, but just wanted to make sure if I’m on a right track. Thanks :slight_smile:

Fenrir is absolutely awesome :slight_smile:

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I think Vela is the most versatile, in attack and defense on every position. Richard C is a good tank in defense. Fenrir can shine in attack teams as his ability needs some timing.
It depends on what you need basically.
Good luck!

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I do like my Fenrir. With the other Blues you have, whomever you want dead on the other team can be offed with fenrir. And when he kills someone, he gets that extra mana making him charge again with 3 ghost tiles.

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Thanks everyone for your help! Fenrir is a winner. All I need is damascus blade and up he goes :slight_smile:

You already have magni as sniper/finisher and he has the same class as fenrir so I would definitely level richard and its costume over him.

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I feel you, but the thing is I love snipers most of all and I like the idea of fast team, plus I have some fighter emblems lying around :grinning:

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