Isarnia or Anzogh - who deserves my precious wizard emblems?

Hey guys, I’m new to the the discussion forum (I was a silent reader on a daylie basis for the last 9 months though) so I want to introduce myself at least a little bit:

My name is Padd, I am the leader of the German alliance "Dark Matters [DM], an uprising group of many very good and ambitious people who are willing to work hard to reach top 100 soon, and I am very happy that I finally decided to start writing here!

But now my question: I have Isarnia sitting at 3/70 for almost 8 months now and I recently got Anzogh as well. I read a lot about Anzogh and so I’m not quite sure what exactly to think about him.
I already have a very good hero roster but sadly no 5* wizard (still missing sartana and Zeline). Also keep in mind that I only need attackers, my Def is doing alright!
If I would chose Isarnia, I would run her either in a mono blue team with heroes like arthur, Frida, Magni and kiril or I would fit her in my mixed 3-2 blue/green (Alby, Eve, Arthur, Frida, kiril) team.
So would you recommend her for my line up!? And if so, should I give her more Def or even more attack?

Or version 2, level Anzogh for my mono red team an play him together with Wilbur, BT, grave and Zim?
He could also really benefit from jinx and an increased attack stat.

(All mentioned heroes are otherwise fully leveled)

Thanks in advance! :slight_smile:


Welcome, Padd!

Both those teams are lacking a regular defense down hero. Isarnia will help them A LOT.

For that reason, I would choose Isarnia. She is also great for titans, where she could replace Grimm and survive a little bit more than a 4* in tough titans (better than Anzogh in my opinion).


On a side we have a devil which sight cause on people suffering and despair, hoping to never experience again in their life.

On the other side we have Anzogh.


Thanks! Regarding emblems, would you choose to give her more Def and Hp then or would you just go for attack? A lot of people here share the common opinion to further increase the stats of a hero which fits his/her natural role. So basically, give attackers more atk and supporters more Def and Hp.
I think it’s a little bit more complicated. Isarnia sure has a very high attack but I need her to live longer when facing 11 and 12* titans (we do have them regularly). On the other hand, her Atk Stat could go far beyond 900… Hmm simply can’t decide…

Increase the weaker stats with emblems to compensate weaknesses.

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I saw a breakdown on heroes and emblems a while ago, think it was by @Gryphonknight. Made a lot of sense to me. Take home message was, you want to enhance the existing feature unless the hero is a game changer. I suppose that can be extended beyond the obvious game changers, such as Wu, to a hero that functions as one for you personally.

So; is Isarnia surviving longer against titans critical for you (and support such as healers or spirit links not sufficient)? Then max her health and def. If not, go with attack and make her a beast.


I read that post as well but there is, as you mentioned, a large grey area. For example, would you consider guardian Jackal as the premier yellow Def debuffer as a ‘game changer’ and max his bulk or should the rule apply to increase his already impressive Atk stat…
So nobody likes Anzogh huh?! :smile:

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I don’t like Anzogh, but I am not saying he is horrible…

About where to spend your emblems (in Isarnia), it completely depends on the use you will give to that hero… If the typical use requires more survivability, then some defense… If only used in attack and with other heroes that can help her survive (like Kiril, Aegir…), then full attack…

It depends!

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Agreed it’s tricky! I can make it even harder for you and say that I’d go with Anzogh ;). I have him too and he will get a pinch at least - might give the bulk to Hel. I like him! He’s not a game changer by any means, but he fills a void for me.

For Jackal, I consider his debuff being of more use than slightly boosting his already high attack. I’m going def on him - he’s a game changer to me.

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Maybe one last follow up question! I also got guardian kong on ny last teltoc draws. He seems to be a weird offensive version of Anzogh, more attack, less bulk and without the heal. Leveling him would not solve my wizard emblem problems but could he be more effective then anzog when combined with Wilbur? It’s not getting easier… :smile:

Leave the Kong alone.

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Yeah I wouldn’t prioritize Kong either… With Anzogh, you get the heal and he’s good for colour stacking offensively without bringing a dedicated healer, or flanking assisting with heals and dealing damage (as high or higher than Kong if you proceed down the grid choosing att).

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Isarnia or Anzogh

Isarnia ?

Click for Isarnia

Usually a 4* 4.70 > 5* 3.70. But if you only care about DEF, Isarnia 5* 3.55 has the same defense as Gunnar 3* 3.50 ( yes Gunnar’s DEF is that high )…
…and Grimm 4* 4.70 ( yes Grimm’s DEF is that low ).

Many people use Isarnia as a sturdier Grimm. Isarnia would go with Arthur, or Frida.

Anzogh ?

Click for Anzogh

Zimkitha is fast mana speed attack all, Wilbur is like Wu Kong ( worth building a team around ), Boldtusk is a 5* Hero nerfed to 4* level ( see discussion of Falcon below ). Anzogh is bringing a lot of redundancy to this team, and nothing really unique. Unlike Isarnia, Anzogh is not going to do well with any of the current war rules. I would really have liked red Anzogh at fast mana speed as an anti green Gregorian ( similar to red Zimkitha being an anti- green Zeline ) but that is not the direction the Devs chose to pursue ( from the rumors out of Beta ). Or as a compliment to Aegir ( all allies heal X% from damage done by their special skills ).

Like Ameonna, Anzogh is very niche. And suffers from so much competition from very very good red 4* / 5* Heroes and very very good 4* / 5* Wizards. If Anzogh were a Classic hero like Isarnia, at least Anzogh would be available in Legendary training.

Decisions, decisions

Personally I would wait to see what “skins” brings to Isarnia ( Classic heroes get them first, just like Class quest bosses got animated portriats first ). It does not sound like adding either to you line up right now will make a huge difference.

Isarnia Emblems

Isarnia is often run on a rainbow team, especially during war. As a general rule, you want your roster’s rainbow heroes to get HP & DEF.

Glass Jackal

Click for Jackal and Falcon rehash

People get confused by Jackal because he is very fast mana but forget his special skill has very low damage. But Jackal is insanely glassy for a glass cannon. Only two yellow HotM 5* 4.80 have a higher attack stat than Jackal 4* 4.70, but his DEF & HP are very low. So Jackals biggest advantage is his grave damage ( matching/ tile/ board damage from dead heroes ) and color stacking. I would give Jackal’s emblems to ATT, ATT and ATT.

I would level a second, and a third, Jackal to 4* 3.60 just for the ATT stat. I used my second Wu Kong at 4* 3.60 for Wu Kong’s high ATT stat and Jackal’s is higher. An Wu Kong being yellow and high ATT stat boosts yellow tile damage a lot on the same team with Jackal, even if Jackal’s special skill is never used. Joon is the rare sniper Classic 5* Hero that is a glass cannon instead of High DEF & HP sniper. So Joon used with Jackal further ramps up the matching/ tile/ board damage.

As a bonus, Jackal is a Rogue, so at 4*+15 his talent effectively increases his HP against direct damage. If a shot would have killed Jackal, one way to think of Evade is an instant revive and heal.

Falcon is the diamond in the rough. Only one red HotM 5* 4.80 has a higher DEF stat than Falcon 4* 4.70. Falcon is the only three target elemental defense debuff that is not a 5* hero AND Falcon has a matching color Ramming Pulverizer ( Evelyn and Jackal do not have a matching Ramming Pulverizer or Athena’s Bow or Wonderful Feast ). Even better, Gormek can be switched out for Wilbur. Because Falcon has low HP, you can color stack him with Boldtusk ( Devs had to nerf Boldtusk multiple times before he stopped being a hidden 5* Hero ). And if Boldtusk dies, he has a chance to Revive, then use a Revive scroll/ Miracle scroll / mana item to heal Falcon. So Falcon, Boldtusk, and Wilbur are the rare heroes that take color stacking to insane levels and are game changers ( HP & DEF for all three ).




I’d choose Isarnia despite my emblems being on Proteus atm…

Thanks @Gryphonknight for your very detailed reply! I guess I will just wait… It seems to be the right choice for now. As soon anzogh reaches 3/70, I will test him extensively…
Otherwise I will just keep my scopes and rings!

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lWell, we’re on the same boat. anzogh was happened to be my 1st red. Was holding on leveling him to more than 3 70 due to many unfavourable comments. Now he is sitting at 3 15. So far, he had been exceeding my meagre expectation. Even better with Wibur. If I don’t pull any heroes by Avalon, he will get the mats.

Anzogh tank rank at 5th worldwide. Picture could tell a thousand words…?

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