Emblem Advice Requested - Wizard and Paladin

Having now finished adding emblems to Proteus and Sonya I’m not sure what to do with my remaining/future wizard and paladin emblems.

Currently eligible for emblems: Anzogh, Isarnia, Kiril (already +6), Kashhrek (+3), Kiril II, Balthazar (+3), Ulmer
Approaching eligibility: Sartana (should be ready in a week or two), Hisan could also be brought to readiness in a relatively short time
Eventually eligible: Jean-Francois (will be waiting a while for AMs)

My inclination is to hold the emblems for Sartana. However, Isarnia seems like she could become pretty devastating if I can keep her alive long enough to fire her special. Anzogh also looks like he could be a decent Tank with emblems.

Currently eligible: Cyprian (+8), Guardian Falcon (+2), Tyrum, Gunnar
Eventually eligible: Richard, I also have another Sonya I could level but my blue feeders are currently going to Vela and after that probably the first Sonya’s costume.

Honestly, aside from my now-maxed Sonya I don’t really use any of my paladins much at all. Guardian Falcon probably gets the most use against green titans and in wars.

I’d save wizard for the time being for sartana.
But padalin give to falcon! You be needing him on titans in the future.

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I second this sentiment.

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