Wizard Emblems: Guinevere or Anzogh (or Hel)

Hi friends,

I would like to know where I should spend these precious emblems. On a side note I have Hel sitting at 3/70 waiting for the last tabard, if you believe I should wait and use them on her then please let me know. Thank you for all of your input, it’s greatly appreciated.

I’d give emblems to Hel. She’s old but she’s a game changer.
She benefits more from Wizard class than Guin.
And Guin tank becomes somewhat obsolete after Seshat is released.


Who is your Alliance War’s tank? This could be a good reason to level one or another hero :slight_smile:

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Unfortunately a lot of our people are new so we don’t have a set war tank yet. I always use guin just because Kunchen is waiting on tabbards and I can’t decide who is better. I seem to have just as much trouble taking him out as Guin.

Poor Anzogh is so useless, lol. Thank you for your help!

Kunchen is truly a fearsome foe!

While Guinevere have the best tank’s skillset Kunchen have the best base stats (+37 DEF and +90 HP compared to Guinevere) and his innate resistance to harmless defense status effects.

As you would swap her with him (if I get that right) I would give my emblems to Anzogh as he would be a fitting flank to Kunchen. Their combinate effects are capable of refulling a hero’s health even when he would be at the brink of death!

I don’t like the idea of embleming Anzogh. The general consensus is that he’s pretty much useless, and in fact I never had a problem fighting him even in the mid-upper diamond. His damage is insignificant and healing is redundant when you use Kunchen.

Also you won’t use him in offense but certainly you will use Hel. And in my humble opinion, offense is more important in this game then defense.

I don’t know why players would see him as useless, he is good.
I don’t know about your mid-upper diamond opponents.
His damage isn’t bad for a medium speed and his heal is always helpful as you wouldn’t be sure how long your tank will hold or how your team would be injured in a fight.

In a war and expecially with Kunchen as tank I see him far more useful thanevery other red heroes but Gravemaker and Zimkitha.

Attacking players have the advantage and while I agree that offense is more important than defense (in raids) in a war you have to field the best possible team to achieve the best results and this could means 5/5 emblemed heroes and fitting synergies, both with the other defending heroes and with war’s rules.


Still I wouldn’t put emblems on hero I’ll only use in war defense. If you don’t have many options he could work, but Anzogh or Hel is not really a question.

Having him in your war defense wouldn’t prevent you to use him in other areas aswell.
He does fairly good for everything but titans.

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Having better options would prevent me from using him in raids offense.

Yes that’s the right assessment. He does fairly good whereas Hel is a game changer.

Even Wu Kong is a game changer but I still see many emblemed Drake Fong in raid and war defenses :slight_smile:

Wu Kong and Ranvir are basically titan specialists. They should do pretty well in tournaments with fast mana when paired with AoE heroes but it’s a niche. You just can’t rely on them because of the high missing probability. Sometimes they win you a battle with stronger opponents, sometimes you fail miserably. Also they’re really bad when paired with utility heroes which do little or no direct damage since they suffer from accuracy debuff but don’t have benefits from atk buff. That’s why Bruce Lee is far more popular.

But maybe let’s stick to the OP, it’s not a Drake Vs Ranvir thread :slight_smile:

Ok, even because to me it wouldn’t make much sense.

So you wouldn’t emblem Anzogh because of your feelings toward effects you would still have on other heroes or because you find it a bad hero?

If yes, why?

The question is not “would you emblem Anzogh” but “who would you emblem if you had Anzogh, hero X and hero Y”. It just depends on the options you have.

There’s also a problem with classifying hero as “good” or “bad”. For example Margaret is good in protecting your team from snipers but useless against Proteus who deals no direct damage. Ursena is great against team with many yellow but only mediocre if there’s none.

I don’t have Anzogh but I faced him several times in raids and my feeling is he deals little damage and his healing isn’t significant too. So if the question Anzogh or Hel my answer is 100% Hel because she deals decent amount of damage (plus extra damage against yellow) and her effect is just devastating.

I picked Hel over Guin, and am happy with the decision. But if you have a reset emblem, I’d feed Guin until able to max Hel and then swap. I use Hel everywhere, where Guin is mostly used on Defense.

anzogh is good on offense but requires color stack to shine IMO. i run wil, BT, anz, marj and scarlett mono and if i manage to charge them, the match is usually won. i lost only once with this team after the charge went on.
it works so well that i actually wait for the rest of the team if marjana and scarlett are charged. i have mitsuko in the last ascension and i hope she will be decent replacement for scarlett in this team (tile damage and all)

anyway, wouldn’t anzogh wear wizard emblems better than single or 3 hitters? or does the talent work only on normal damage?

You’ve just described performance of your whole team. It’s not clear to me which hero is crucial in this setup, which could be replaced, which performs good. In particular, could you please elaborate how Anzogh is performing? I’m really curious.

Single hitters deal a lot of damage to 1 tatrget, AoE deal damage to all targets but damage per individual target is smaller. Thus you get either decent absolute dmg increase on single target or small absolute increase on all targets. Aznogh deals little damage comparing to other AoE so the increase for him is even smaller comparing to other AoE.
And what really makes Hel great is mana blocking, not damage. Emblems not only enable class skills but also increase hero stats which means they have better tile damage and get more sturdy. Hence the class skill shouldn’t be the only thing considered when you have to decide who gets the emblems.

@grzechol ah i get it, i forgot it was a percentage increase to the damage. still, could work out for my stack for example. and hitting multiple targets increases tthe chances to trigger the talent no? that too could be a factor, smaller amount may be better that big amount that doesn’t happen.

as for my team, that is the thing really, they need to work together to shine, hard to look at them separately. what bt and wil do is soften the target and buff the attack enough for anz to deal a significant amount of damage. bt doesn’t heal for that much but paired with anz it can add up to a heal on par with fat healers. also, anz usually takes of a big chunk out of everyone’s health. marjana and scarlett then usually finish the business with heavy offense. if there are heroes left standing they usually need one or two tiles to go down.

i didn’t pay close attention to numbers, but i do know if wil or bt die early, the strategy usually won’t work. i remember anz getting delayed few times with sorcerers and that sucked badly too. if you just fire anz by himself you will get very middling results that will barely if at all affect the outcome. if they are all together i have a powerfull offense team, if one of them dies, i have a defense team and have to pray to rngesus for good board much more intensely. the only one that is truly expendable here is scarlett (good thing, shes a glass cannon anyway)

Yes but jinx isn’t a game changer, it’s just nice to have. 300 dmg +15% is 345, yes it’s better to do 345 dmg than 300 but you can live without it. Thus I wouldn’t consider jinx a major factor. Still better for AoE than for snipers I guess.

Thanks for detailed explanation. It’s a very nice synergy, you definitely should do better if you get rid of Scarlett :slight_smile:

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