Who should I work on now?

I’m 1 item away from 5s Ascension from all colors except green. I feel like I should just keep upgrading 4s until I get better 5s. I don’t want to waste materials on the 5s I got. What you think? I got 4s ascending materials for

I would max Zeline and stick her on your defense team instead of Lianna. Might also replace Sartana with Frida.

I posted a thread about a month ago and everyone said lianna over zeline with the team I have so I used my tonics on lianna

what can I say? Zeline flanking BK is a lot more difficult to beat than Lianna when you already have 3 other snipers going at it. Debuffing is very effective in this game.

Meh, if lianna doesn’t workout, I’ll put Frida back in to complete the rainbow

I’m also using BK on defense frequently and I am a fan of using fast snipers all the way with him in defense. The current meta is still about speed in my eyes.
I would just use Kingston for green
However, you lack a blue sniper, so I would try something like

Kingston Frida BK Joon Sartana

Or If you don’t use Frida because she is average speed

Joon zeline BK kingston/lianna Sartana

Edit: Just saying that would be a decent defense in my eyes.

Due to who you should work on, I would go for some 4*s like Merlin, Grimm, Scarlett and Rigard

Do Zeline when you get the mats…Isarnia is worth doing too unless you pull a lot to expect more blue heroes. But she’s pretty devastating (especially with Frida!).

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