Lianne or zeline - Who to Ascend?

Just got my tonic I needed. I like fast snipers. Here is my lineup. Who would be more beneficial to use tonics on?

Overall, I would go with Lianna

Based on what you’re showing there I assume that Kingston is the Green in your defence?

I’m guessing your defence team is:
Kingston -> Frida -> Black Knight -> Justice -> Sartana (?)

So, I don’t think that either option would really be replacing into the defence team… of the two, Zeline has the better chance but don’t think she’s enough to replace kingston…

So defence is not so much a priority…

In a raid stack, you already have a suitable attack debuffer in the form of Kingston… the only benefit that Zeline would offer is that she affects all while Kingston only affects 3… HOWEVER, they will over-write each other if you were to take both at once…

Lianna on the other hand is just raw damage… combined with Kingston & there won’t be many targets left standing

Zeline doesn’t offer much in titans beyond the cleanse… Kingston already does the attack down & Lianna has the better tiles…

The cleanse can be achieved with an antidote which is cheap as chips to make…

Zeline is wizard class so would be competing with Sartana… who (as above) features on your defence team… not really a chance of stripping & transferring emblems (nor would i recommend it)

Lianna on the other hand is ranger so shares the emblems with Khagan… I would strip khagan in a heartbeat & give the emblems to Lianna :slight_smile:


Have you ever been part way through writing a forum response, when @Guvnor posted first, and his answer was way better than yours?

If so, you’re not alone.

<3 @Guvnor Your posts are gold.


Lol I just joined to get some input on the green. Yes my lineup goes sartana, Frida, Knight, justice (soon to be replaced with joon) , and Kingston.

Honestly, I’m not a fan of khagan either so I would take all his emblems off and go the defense route for lianna. I’m not taking the emblems off sartana

Sorry! I encourage you to post out your thoughts anyway! There is always stuff I glaze over…

Plus repitition helps to reinforce a point!

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Personally, I advise against this…

I personally believe in accentuating a Heroes natural abilities with the emblems… Lianna is there to kill the enemy dead… in line with that, I went the attack route with mine.


Only thing I don’t like is she dies so fast. She already packs a mean punch, so if I could prolong her enough to maybe set her off twice, I would sacrifice green tile damage.


I haven’t had issues with her dying quick (personally) but I stick her in the wing where she’s least likely to be hit by splash special attacks :slight_smile:

Personally I don’t use her yet, but whenever I go up against a lianna and even Elena, I take them out with a quickness

Yeah, but remember that is on a defence team where you (the attacker) have the advantage of targetting, timing & choice of tile use etc…

The same is for when you are wielding Lianna on attack. the Defence AI is dumb in many ways so you will be able to pick & chose who Lianna kills & be able to shelter her in a wing/ charge her quickly using your tile movements and be able to use special skills to protect her (e.g. a blind etc…)

The only heroe’s you should REALLY base your opinion on defence worth is those who are designed for a defence team (e.g. Kunchen, Guin etc…)

All others I would advise to form your opinion on their performance in your own hands :slight_smile:

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Ahh that makes sense. I guess i look at defense first, so yeah you are right and sinceshe won’t replace Kingston, I will go on the offense with her.

What would you do with joon then? He’s replacing justice on my defense. Should I go defense with him? I’ll have probably 10 levels of emblems with him and I’ll take emblems off justice to add all to frida

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Same thing IMO. He’s a sniper so I would specialise him towards his attack…

I don’t have Joon maxed so I can’t say with 100% assurance but yeah, I tend to accentuate the natural abilities of heroes with emblems rather than attempting to “sure up” their inherent weaknesses…


Gotcha, thanks for the input

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You already have Kingston and other snipers, so I’d go with Zeline. She’s probably the best 5* green in the game (I can’t seem to think of a better one) so this choice seems obvious. Zeline is also a celestial, so there’s that.

Depending on your pulling tendencies, Lianna’s costume may also be a factor?

With costume bonus, Lianna becomes even more powerful and she’s great to begin with!

Zeline is a great hero for sure, but so is Lianna so it’s not that simple…
You’ve got your bases fairly well covered already, so if you like to build fast sniper teams, then it’s clear which fits better (and especially for wars and heavily stacked teams).

I’d do Lianna, but it’s up to you.

I agree: I’d give the tonics to Lianna too. Having a look over your roster you have 5 dispellers (3*s not included). I personally would go for one more however seeing that you don’t have many healers as well, I’d consider Melendor after Lianna to round your roster up.

Black Knight + Zeline is an excellent combo in defense

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That and this game rewards diversity. Having an abundance of the same thing can bottle neck you really hard at times. Zeline is 100% the better hero of the two, so I’m not sure how this is even a question. Is Lianna strong, sure, but she hurts one. Zeline hurts them all.

Zeline. You already have a second rate sniper in Kingston (he’s only second to Lianna as far as raw damage output to a single enemy is concerned). Her and Black Knight would be a nightmare to most raiders. Zeline is also not a bad stack against blue tanks and titans because of her additional damage against blue enemies. One of the most coveted old HOTM prior to their element link-capable HOTMs, she will not fail you. Make no mistake, I love Lianna and I am ascending my second one to the 4th tier, but I fancy Zeline more (if she only landed on my bench).

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