Looking for an opinion on a next green 5*

Having a hard time deciding on a next green 5* after getting the MATs to ascend one. I don’t have any need for any particular hero types, my roster is fairly good.

I currently have Evelyn and Lianna maxed. My 5* green choices to level next are:

  1. Kadilen
  2. Margaret (have one at 3/70 and one at 1/1)
  3. Elkanen (currently 2 at 1/1)
  4. 2nd Lianna
  5. 2nd Evelyn


Margaret would only be tempting if there is a chance they will buff her. A second Evelyn could be useful for wars, but I’m leaning to one that I don’t have maxed already.

I’ll also wait for the end of October in case of luck and I pull Kingston

Thanks for the help

I’d save the tonics or go for a 2nd lianna but that’s just me

I do have maxed margaret, she has her moments where she shines but it takes a pretty specific opponent


Get your 2nd Eve, 2nd Lianna and Elkanen to 3/70 for war depth. Wait for October if you have any luck getting Kingston.


Kadilen is a great support hero and Elkanen works great with Evelyn and on the wings position. Margaret isnt a hero I use often, also she works fine at 3/70… Lianna and Evelyn are very good but I dont like duplicates, so I’d never give 4* mats to a hero I already have maxed.

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That what i was gonna say

Thanks all, confirms mostly what I was thinking. I’ve been more F2P lately as the $ doesn’t seem worth it much anymore (after > 70 pulls one month and didn’t get a single 5* I have given up), so the chances I get Kingston are fairly low, but who knows.

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Lianna Lianna and more Lianna

She is kind of a BA b… but Kingston will be a great partner with her and eve.

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