Frida or alice?

Just pulled alice. Wild you replace Frida with Alice in defense? Frida has 19 emblems and when I’m done with Alice, she will have 19 emblems.

It depends on your current line up. Do you already run snipers in other colours? If not id probably pick Alice.

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Here is current defense.

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In general on defense, I’d opt for Alice over Frida. Fast speed, high snipe damage and an attack down that can’t be dispelled. However, I wouldn’t replace Frida at Flank with Alice. She’s best placed on a wing and you already have 2 snipers occupying those spots, and her attack down may clash with Kingston’s who has the stronger attack down after a few hits.

With that line up i would keep Frida, or if you go for Alice i would add some AOE or dot hero, if you have one. This way the enemy will be at range for your snipers to start killing. Though this is a minimal difference, a play style choice

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What about these different lineups? What you like best outta my def now with Frida or these other 4?

I’d move Kingston to fridas spot and drop Alice in on the left wing. Rogues are amazing wings and Alice is an excellent blue sniper.

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Surprised Sartana got emblems over Zeline. Zeline is the ideal flank behind BK!!!

Drop Sartana’s emblems and get Zeline emblemed up!!! She destroys ice heroes, which are brought against BK.


Just finished zeline about 2 weeks ago and I have domitia I could replace sartana with but right now, my beta purple is sartana and I prefer Kingston over zeline for my green defense

In most cases, I think it’s safe to say Alice would be a better defense hero than Frida. Replacing Frida with Alice would make your team have 4 snipers but I think that’s ok given you’re tanking Black Knight.

I wouldn’t go double green flanks. Makes it vulnerable to red stacks.

I think Zeline would be the best green flank option since you are using a red tank and Zeline does extra damage to blue. Zeline is also perfect for Wizard class since her AOE has a chance to trigger it on all enemies. If you ever get a better purple like Seshat, then you can replace Sartana and give wizard emblems to Zeline. Congratz on Alice btw.

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Well I’m finishing up with C quintess right now. Once he’s done, I’ll have 18 emblems on costume quintess. What you think about this lineup then? Going to take a few weeks to get there, but this could change my entire defensive line up. Alice 18 emblems, zeline 19 emblems, knight, C quintess with 19 emblems, and joon.

I hate slow heros but if I buff quintess defense and having Knight, could keep him around long enough !

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Too bad emblems are so dang expensive and time consuming to move around. It would be awesome to try this one out. I think it would do really well…but expensive to try.

The one who zeline and quintess? I’m at the point in the game to where I have an abundance of iron and food. Just upgraded HA to ten and 99 percent of my base is maxed besides alchemy. So it’s not like I’ll be hurting with food and iron since most my stuff is upgraded anyways.

This is certainly a viable strategy. I would use Quintus+CB rather than C.Quintus since Zeline already gives attack down to all. It would be repetitive to have 3 heroes on your defense give attack down. Eventually tho, you should try to replace Quintus with a better purple. If you get Sartana Costume, it might be worth leaving emblems on Sartana and using her with Kingston instead of using Zeline flank.

Here is my thought process on having zeline and c quintess. Zeline will fire fast causing offense to have decline attack. By the time quintess goes off, he will do the same dropping their attack. So essentially 90 percent of the match they will be firing with a decreased attack.

Frida works best in a blue color stack because of the defense down for ice. I use her for titans and raids, but Alice is a sniper with fast mana. She’s more versatile in my opinion

I’d try the Kingston to flank, Alice to left wing move and see how it goes. If you have Sartana’s costume, that is a MENACING purple hero.

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