Who should I give gloves to?

I finally got a pair of fine gloves to use, which along with sturdy shields, I seem to be utterly unable to get in any kind of quantity, but I’m not quite sure where best to put them to use. My options are somewhat limited, but my main ones are…

Thoth-Amun: Would move him from tier 2 to tier 3. Additionally it will probably be a while before I can get the tools and tabards to ascend him to tier 4. He and Cyprian (maxed) are the only purple 4*/5* heroes I’ve got. Furthermore, the only other sorcerers I have are Jahangir, Graymane and Gill-Ra.

Gormek: Would move him from tier 3 to tier 4, and I have 50+ barbarian emblems that I’ve been saving for him. The main issue with him is that I also need one more hidden blade, but I think that Mt. Umber should be coming up in the next week or so, right? Although I haven’t used any barbarian emblems yet, I feel a little better about my roster there (maxed Nashgar and a leveling Little John)

Other possibilities would be holding them for Kashhrek, but as I can’t seem to get any sturdy shields, this could be waiting forever and besides I think I’d rather use those shields to ascend Evelyn to tier 4 when I get them. Also, I have a Chao who will be wanting them but he’s only now approaching tier 3 and I already have Li Xiu nearly maxed so I already have access to that part of his special.

I could also save them against getting better heroes in the future, but honestly given the nature of hero pulls, this seems like a waste.

Anyway, anyone have any constructive opinions or advice they’d care to share?

Thoth wont be able to receive emblems until you get the tabards, so i wouldnt use that as an excuse to level him.

Gormek is incredibly useful against titans. Do you have Grimm and/or Tibertus? The Ramming Pulverizer skill they share is superb.

Nope, don’t have either of 'em.

Okay, then go with Gormek. Dont fret about emblems yet—those are icing. You need to bake a cake.

Thanks, now I just need to keep my lack of impulse control in check until after Mt. Umber.

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