Gormek or Grimm?

I want to put Gormek or Grimm in my team as a debuffer. Both of them can reduce enemy’s defense and need the same emblems “barbarian”.
4* Gormek, red, 569 565 1430
4* Grimm, blue, 716 531 1132
As you can see from the number above, Gormek has more blood and Grimm attacks more.

I have not used precious ascending materials on them.
…struggle…I need only one debuffer
Which one would you suggest?

3 of 4* debuffer u must max are grimm, tiburtus and gormek. They are essential heroes. Soon or later u will max all of them.

So choose which color u really need now. In the end all of the 3 should be maxed


I hope so. Yet I am a new player and have very limited materials for ascending.

Its more deeper than one or another . It has more to do with Who you have available to put with either one or another

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Grimm has a higher att stat.
Gormek is more of a meatball.
Grimm hits like a truck.
Gormie like a duck :wink:


Do you have any other red 4star red or blue ? If not Grimm will be my preference… u can survive with a healer those extra tile damage worth it. :+1:t2:

That’s fair, but at the same time Grimm and Gormek are both barbarians in competition for emblems. Since Grimm is, imo, more deserving of emblems long term, I’d rather max him first and then give him whatever emblems you have with no regrets.

Gormek will hopefully be replaced by Wilbur on titans and many other places eventually. Grimm can only be replaced by 5 stars, Isarnia and Athena, who are harder to get.


That’s my struggle point. emblem! Thank you very much for your suggestion.

These are all my 4* 5*
I have 8 hidden blades(red), 4 warm capes(blue) but I don’t know which heros to use. People in this forum suggested that I ascend 4* rather than 5*.

For red you have scarlet/Kellie so go with Grimm.


One small note: Gormek has very high HP and if you put him on war defense, it will increase your team point and make your opponent happy.

Btw once you get Wilbur, you will only want to feed Gormek away

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You’ll use both long term. If you get Wilbur, then Gormek will see less use.

Grimm deserves the emblems more IMO. Shield path makes him less squishy, while sword path makes him hit much harder than he already does. I went with the latter personally since I frequently use him for Challenge Event damage with other Grimm dupes.


Another vote for Grimm from me. But that is only because I have Wilbur already, so Gormet is kind of redundant.

If I did not have Wilbur, I would have the same tough choice.

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OK. Thank you for your kind suggestion.

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Start with Grimm! I have him at +20 with 782,604,1321 - it is really fun to take him into 4* tournaments, challenges and even to legendary challenges. He’s a real killer, now. Then max Tiburtus and if it is only for yellow titans, and than Gormek - they are really essential!

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Grimm all day. Once you get Wilbur you’ll rarely use Gormek, if ever, again.

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@christie Do you have more hidden blades or warm capes?

I have 8 hidden blades and 4 warm capes.

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For your def team, Gormek works better as a tank.

Grimm can do a good job as a flank or wing.

Now, it would be good to eventually level up BOTH of them, same case with Tiburtius when he comes along.

Very useful and verastile heroes, they will help you everywhere.

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I have Wilbur.

I don’t want to feed Gormek away.

I still use him every single war to stack against green, so don’t see myself getting rid of him any time soon.

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