Going 20/20 with Gormek? Thoughts?

My Namahage is already at +7.

I have Boomer(at 1-1, currently levelling Ameonna) but I don’t have Gretel or Grimm.

I have Azlar(who I don’t intend to emblem) at 1-1 but I don’t have any other 5* Barbarian(or Azlar Costume).

My Gormek is currently at +7 as well.
Have enough emblems to take him to +20 in my inventory.

Of course if I do it I will go DEF>HP>ATK. I won’t force an elephant to fight like a tiger.

He seems to be one of the heroes that do get a bit from the 20th node. (Aware it’s not as good as Sonya’s 20th node but it’s something.)


BTW I don’t have Wilbur either and I don’t plan to do Atlantis pulls any time soon

Wilbur is monk, not barbarian, no conflict.

IMO, I would wait Grimm from TC20 or other summon portal.


Gormek gets more from the last 2 nodes. Especially if you go DEF route

BTW, thoughts on putting some emblems on Boomer are welcome too

Grimm is a bit better than Gormek, but who knows when you will get him.
Gormek is also red which is quite a bit more valuable than blue at the moment.
And there is really no harm in embleming heroes to use for weeks or months and then reembleming them when the time comes. I emblemed and re-emeblemed a lot of my 4* heroes and that was before emblems became so prevalent. Use what you have so that to help you get more for the future. Hoarding is (generally) not the way to go in this game.
In regards to the emblem path I would say it depends. Do you do mono? If so the extra attack in the stack may be beneficial. Do you have BT? If so, Gormek’s special could start to have some bang to it if you emblem up the attack path. Do you find he dies early quite often? Then yes, defense is the way to go.
When I was running full monos I emblemed up my Proteus +20 in attack, to help with the tile damage. His special was secondary. Now I run him as an off color support hero against the top teams and his special is what I really need, and he kept dying on me. So I re-emblemed him to +20 on the opposite defense path - and now he does OK. It all depends on what you want to get out of your hero. Conventional logic does say that for a defense down hero, upping the defense is the way to go to ensure they are able to cast their special

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I would like you to elaborate this part. You mean because of the existence of some green tanks or other green heroes?

Basically, yes. Because of Tel green tanks have become prevalent up top. I levelled up a whole second red war team for that reason, including my Gormek. Maybe that won’t filter down so much to the lower levels however, so I am not sure what kind of tanks you would be facing… and not completely sure what the near to mid future will hold…

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I got Grimm and Tibs before Gormek so I never ascended him myself. Grimm is sat at +19…Tibs just with his Kiss costume maxed

But if Gormek had dropped first I’d have ascended and emblemed him I question. His special is a game changer early doors. I’d have build a raid team around him same as did for Grimm.

Plus Gormek is good in events and tournaments. So I don’t see it as a waste of mats.

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Gormek is good to be emblemed. Take the def node and ignore attack node. This way he can def down riposte without being suicide himself.


Thanks everyone for the replies.

Anything about this?:

I believe Bleed damage is proportionate to the entire damage one “tile” deals. So maybe for Purple stack or something?

Emblems can always be removed and redistributed at a later time. If the extra damage helps now then it’s not a waste.

I had Tibs at +18 but when I got Finley I needed the emblems so off they came for him.

Im on the same boat. I have 500 barbarian emblems and only Roc as 5☆ .
On the 4☆ field i have already emblemed grimm and other possible hero instead Gormek is Jott.
The plus of embleming gormek over jott is the colour (red in a green world) and the possible future costume.
I would still wait to see if sg releases his costume any soon before embleming him.

Pd: I have made tons of atlantis pulls but still im without Wilbur so i know your feeling.

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Abel look at my Boomer, he’s a beast, look at his defence and health and I went on attack with emblems, he’s great at field aid war, just refuses to die :slightly_smiling_face:


Thanks for the input. But wouldn’t going DEF with his grid be even better??

His defence is fairly good but his attack without emblems is a little shy, believe me he’s a monster, got Zulag and using him in my purple team on the wing and Zulag as tank and he’s still the last to die even with no help of a healer

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