Who gets my last pair of fine gloves?

I am working on a defense team to finally get into platinum. So far my Def team is

Caedmon, Boldtusk, Kiril, Wilbur, Proteus.

I’m planning to use Rigard (c), he’s almost finished. Maybe as a tank.

I thought of using Sif, but maybe I should not waste my gloves on her, since I don’t have the darts for final ascension.

So who’s my best bet to ascend? Sonya?

And what hero’s could keep me in plat?

Thanks for the input in advance.

That defense team is too passive. It is probably a good idea to replace Wilbur with Gormek and Kiril with Sonya (when you ascend one). Still, what is important to know is that the defense might keep you in Platinum but you lack the offense teams (by the looks of these heroes) to win raids in Platinum consistently. So why force yourself to stay in an Arena where you will require a whole day to fill your raid chest?

As for the last pair of gloves, I’d personally go with Scarlett. From the looks of it, your strongest color is red - probably your best option to colorstack be it for raids, quests or events currently, and it urgently needs some fast snipers. I played with both Kelile and Scarlett and without costumes, I prefer the latter.

However the choices of ascending a hero often depends on what emblems you can spare. So if you have spare Rogue emblems (and you should since I see no Rogue on emblems in your roster) again prioritize one of those.


Thanks for the detailed response. Red is my stacked colour, however, I have the mats to fully ascend tarlak, which I am planning on doing to further strengthen my titan scores and event/map chances.

Wouldn’t it then be better to focus on green? Melendor comes to mind.

Or work on my worst color, which is yellow. So maybe Chao? Don’t think he’s quite good, but my only yellow hitter…or Sif, but I’m missing the darts.

Tarlak is good, yet he will take a lot of time to max, and you already have Wu Kong who can do a similar thing, of course a bit worse. Chao without costume I wouldn’t recommend. Melendor is good, again depends on what you currently need and what emblems you can spare. However you already have Sabina who does the same thing, and frankly you can use some hitters - too many healers, too few hitters currently in your roster. Sif at 3/70 is still okay, however probably a 4* is better to ascend until you can get enough darts for her.


Yea you make some really solid points.

Since I already gave tarlak gloves, I’ll keep leveling him.

But I will give my gloves to a hitter. Last question, you’d davor Scarlett over Sonya? My blues are rather passive so far, and in red I do have gormek. Maybe I’m too focused on rainbow, but I’m in the mindset of working on my weak colours instead of strengthening my already solid ones.

Cheers for the advise

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First scarlet, definitely

Wilbur - scarlet - boldtusk - gormek (care for overwriting - def) definitely make a strong off team, maybe pair with a healer in another color and you should get wins easier

Afterwards sonya, you need that dispel in many fights and she’s a solid 4*, eventually you get her costume which is awesome

Then maybe Mel-C, his costume is strong, still my best green healer

You really need a good amount of finished 4*, they are your main source for a long time, if you are not a big spender

I do play mono or 3-2 most of the time, and usually those teams consist of at least three 4*, sometimes even 4!

And I’m in diamond, those teams do have a power of around 3950-4200 and I beat 4,5k-4,6k regularly

And in the end, I recommend getting a good amount of 3* to compete in tourneys and events (if you are interested in that kind of content), gives more materials to upgrade your heroes

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