Who should get my gloves?

I have 2 pairs of gloves left and Misandra, Hansel and Proteus are up for ascension. Who should i give them to? I think all 3 deserve them…last pair went to Wilbur. Thanks for any advice!

Do you have the scopes, Tome, additional warm capes & D-Blade to take Misandra all the way?

Also, who else is in your roster? Who’s maxed etc…? Screenshots?

Given NO OTHER information, I would say Proteus. Hes incredibly useful in completing the challenge events and boss stages.

Hansel is a great sniper & mana controller, personally I actually use him more than I use proteus in raids (Fast vs. Average).

Misandra would probably be the lowest of the three purely because you’ll only be taking her ot 3-70, and GENERALLY SPEAKING, a maxed 4* is better than a 5* stuck at 3-70


Thank you, Guvnor. I am only lacking a 4th Cape, I have the other ams.

i am currently using Ursena at 3/35, Neith at 33/35 too, Triton (fully maxed, but no emblem), Wilbur 4/25 and Boldtusk at 4/35. I I am not very fast, I am afraid (mainly because I spent the first 3 or 4 months levelling and ascending without rhyme or reason).

In all honesty Hansel and Proteus should get your gloves. They are killer mana controllers.


Thank you, Aunty_Krauser. Yes, they are.

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In my honest opinion, and from what you have said here, I would max out Hansel and Proteus
Good luck


Thank you very much, JGE. I think that’s what I’ll do. With a bit of luck I get another pair soon.


Proteus is a game-changing hero - once you have him, you can keep bosses from ever setting off their specials by using mana potions to recharge him. My wife (who plays) and I joking call using Proteus ‘easy mode.’


Thank you, Raghadorn. I am extremely happy that I got Porteus (together with Wilbur and Ursena) within 5 consecutive 5 pulls. There aren’t that many game-changers, but Proteus and Wilbur definitely are.

Wow. Nice luck.

Has anyone mentioned Proteus yet? :wink:

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Absolutely. U won’t regret maxim him

Given the situation, max Proteus for now like everyone is saying, but don’t sleep on Misandra. I have her, and she’s fast, sturdy, and can charge your team, which makes slow/average chargers slightly more viable (I tag team her with Alby; they help everyone get their Mana faster and I usually run Onatel to slow the other side).

If you get her running with Hansel and Proteus in the short term, you could do well with that.

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I would max (and emblem) Proteus before many 5s, he’s just too useful in all situations. Hansel immediately after, but just because he attacks a single target instead of three.

Gloves are not difficult to get, you’ll get another one shortly and you’ll be able to ascend also Misandra.
But I would wait to work on her until you get the mats also for last ascension.
There are few 5s that are good also at 3/70, much better to have a maxed 4s instead. And in your case, we’re talking about la crème de la crème of 4s

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Thanks for the advice, Wondermouse. She is definitely the next one (once I get her gloves). From what I’ve seen, she’s fantastic!