Who should i ascend...Joon or guardian Gazelle

I have material for a final ascension. (Yellow hero) my options are joon or Guardian Gazelle. Im leaning towards guardian but im welcoming feedback to ensure im making the right choice. Again you alls feedback is greatly appreciated.

Thanks in advance.

Not enough info. What’s in the rest of your roster. They are both very good at what they do, and gazelle is good on Titans

I had to do the exact same choice few months ago.
I chose gazelle thinking that she would be more viable.
I regret. She does the same at 3/70 or maxed she just can take a little more punishment.
Joon is a great sniper but to bring its full power you need him maxed.

However, I don’t know what your roster is, if you lack fire power go for joon all the way

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Gazelle - unless you have Miki or Ranvir

Joon - unless you have another Yellow sniper - then do Gaz anyway :smiley:

I dont have miki or ranvir. I do have posiedon maxed out.

Currently have poseidon maxed so thats why o was leaning toward gazelle. But hearing your input has me second guessing myself now. Lol

You already have Wu Kong, so I would lean towards Joon. Gazelle can do her job versus Titans at 3/70. Though I don’t know what kinds of Titans you’re facing.

standard ToS for advice apply

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Ok you got your sniper already. With your rooster I might lean towards gazelle.

And ditch that wu kong, too random and squishy, with gazelle you have a safe value

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I chose gazelle over joon and no regrats…for raids she is much more useful maxed as you obviously don’t want the penalty for her dying during special

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As you have both Poseidon and Wu, neither is critical

Neith gets a bad rap from some people, but she is also an option. I have Neith and Joon ascended and both have their place. Probably prefer Joon.

There is something to be said for taking Wu out on Titans and going Gazelle, to avoid those damn misses. I don’t have Gazelle so couldn’t tell you with any great authority that she is worth the darts. I see her in defense sometimes and she is awful there, just wait til she fires, then snipe her

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Yeah using gazelle on def is a big mistake

I stopped leveling Wu when I got the mats to level Gazelle past 3. My heroes at level 4 embraced her into questing and Titans below 6. She was fun.

Now at 4.66, Gazelle is very formidable in raid and wars. Nothing like watching specials from the enemy do nothing when she’s in dance mode. The specials for Gazelle provide opportunity to best solid 5 teams as you’re developing more than a Sniper “Joon”. My team is… Double color, Gazelle, Costume Rigard = opportunity to have good raid outcomes.

Last night, I rolled Joon… I had almost given up on rolling another 5… lol. He’ll be a nice addition… as others have noted… choose the best compliment… you’ll eventually enjoy them both. For my rotation, Gazelle is my better choice.

I’ve read this comment about Gazelle on def several times… having left Gazelle in my rotation… I see more positive outcomes. AI boards can be unfriendly, and if she triggers… you enjoy seeing a number of solid stronger teams get bested. Don’t be reluctant to test a few teams to find out what results you’re seeing. If she’s one of your better players, then she’s a good alternative. If you’re blessed with a robust team, then maybe not.

I am very torn… monday I shall get the final dart from POV. I need an offensive hero, for war attack, and raid attack, but would not mind if useful anywhere else.

I wanted to ascend gazelle next, but also received costume joon during last chamber…
my maxed yellows are, white rabbit, guin, inari, delilah, rana… i think that joon would be good for some punch, but gazelle looks so unique… wanted to up gazelle, but now as the dart is coming closer, I am not so sure… the next yellow will be some time, as I have lack of tomes, and stopped spending…

any thoughts here?

You already have an answer. Joon and his costume will provide you this need, may it be a full offensive hero, for wars and raids and very good in defense, too, especially with costume.

I had my Joon maxed, including his costume. This was followed by Gazelle even if I had Gazelle obtained ahead of Joon’s costume.

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