Next yellow or wait?

So I have Guardian Gazelle just approaching 3/70 (66 currently) I am one dart short of being able to ascend her.

I had been going to work on Gillinbursti in the mean time while waiting (which is still the plan)

But when I got Neith from ToL on Sunday it got me thinking: The titans I face are 8-10 stars, i know lots of people use Miki at 3/70 comfortably at that level. Should i leave Gazelle there just now as useable for titans and level one of Bai yeoung, Musashi, Roostley, Neith or second Poseidon instead?

I have Neith. Recommend not prioritising her

Gazelle needs to be ascended to be effective I’d say. Problem is she is fairly squishy at 70 and if she dies she empties the team’s mana, which is no good. I think she is the best out of the options you list


I have Gazelle maxed and I use her on purple titans and in my yellow mono team (her, Jackal +19, Justice 4/80, Malosi +19, Vivica +19). I lovvvve her. Gazelle is way squishier at 3/70 than Miki is - I wasn’t comfortable using her at that level bc she died quick, but at 4/80 she’s super solid.

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Definitely go for gazelle she’s quite good overall on defense titans and offense u will get great benefit from her neith is good but she’s more annoying than good so gazelle is a good option

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Thanks all. Gazelle for darts it is. Also have over 800 druid emblems saved up so should be able to put plenty on her once get her done.


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