Guin or Guardian Gazelle?

Looking for advice/opinions on whether to bump Guin or Guardian Gazelle to their final ascension? I don’t necessarily need a yellow tank for wars as I have Viv and White Rabbit with emblems so Guin isn’t a “must ascend” in that regard to me. I am leaning Gazelle as I really like her attack boost/removal/damage cut, and feel she would be great for titans in addition to raids. But, I also like Guinevere’s mana control and healing as well and she does well as flank or wing too. Eventually both will be fully ascended but for now I can only move one as I only need one set of darts before I can ascend. Would appreciate any feedback.


I’ve maxed Guinevere and she has sat as my tank ever since. I use her for Raid defense, War Defense and 1 of my war attacks and that’s pretty much it.

If I had drawn Gazelle, I would use Guardian Gazelle in Raid attacks, Titan hits, possibly challenge events, possibly change of pace random shenanigans in PvE.

I would decide based on what aspects of the game you play more/would utilize the hero more. But for me, since you use Viv or White Rabbit as tank I would go Gazelle.


Gaz - no need for more Guins :wink:


Guinevere > Vivica (costume) > White Rabbit > Vivica in terms of tanking performance imo.

But it sounds like you care more about offense, and I personally do too:

Gazelle is indeed an exceptional offensive hero. She can replace Wu Kong for your titan hits – +100% attack with no miss chance is more consistent than +185% attack with -32% accuracy – and she can also be used in raids to buy you quite some time to play with the board until you’re ready to let it loose.

Just don’t use her on defense. Her ability is too easy to exploit there.


Gaz seeing as how you don’t need a tank gazelle is A+ for titans or mono yellow


Thanks guys, Gazelle it is :grinning:

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