Which Yellow to level up?

I’ve just finished leveling Guardian Jackal, I don’t know who to level up next. I have Poseidon and Vivica maxed, Musashi and Ranvir at 3.70 and Inari, Neith, Guardian Owl and Joon at 1.1.

I was thinking Guardian Owl as I have Falcon and Jackal fully levelled and have got Kong and pulled Panther recently so could have a whole team of Guardians.

But I don’t know who’d compliment my main team Magni+8, Gregorian+11, Kunchen+8, Marjana +8 and Poseidon(Magni has his emblems) but I plan on moving him to my Atlantis team so leaves a spot for another yellow.

I have Wu Kong+20 so negates the need for Ranvir but also won’t be able to buff Joon with emblems much. Inari and Musashi the same as Marjana has those and Gregorian has all the ranger emblems so Neith wouldn’t get buffed. Guardian Owl is a Druid and I’ve around 500 of them which is why I’m leaning towards him. Just can’t decide!


even 20 Joons


Wait season 3 whit great heroes :slight_smile:

Joon all the way.

Jackal -> Joon in that order = dead enemy.

Also you’d have no issues with emblems with Joon – and you’d get the same benefit of having a strong yellow sniper that you have already with Poseidon.

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I have a maxed Owl and he’s getting dusty as long as no legendary rush is on. Forget this dude, he’s a mess. It takes ages to fill him up and then he just deals average.

Joon is the best vanilla sniper.
Go Joon > Inari
and then whoever except Owl.

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In my honest opinion, I would max level Joon, 100%.
Good luck

Joon seems to be the consensus. I’ll max him then, seems to be a like for like replacement for Poseidon, fast mana and heavy damage.

I just maxed Joon and tossed 14 nodes on him (attack route).

No regrets, especially if you have a halfway decent troop to toss on him. Do it and don’t look back.

Edit: fwiw, I happily stripped my monk emblems off my 4* to hand to Joon. I get why you might keep them on Wu Kong, but Jackal plus Joon is going to be way more consistent for you (used Wu with Joon’s death Ray, and if it his, great, but when it misses, it’s frustrating)

Why joon when u already maxed poseidon. They are basically the same sniper.

If i were u i prefer diversity skills, i will go for:

  1. Neith = her blind and mana down handy on raid

  2. Ranvir = good on titan

So the thing u can consider is whether u like raid or titan. Choose according to ur style.

Fast snipers are often better on offense than most other types of heroes. They charge faster and they provide good kill pressure with their large hit to one hero.

The thing is he already has poseidon as fast sniper. So maxed joon don’t really give another new spice on his roster. And it soon will become monotone.

Neith or ranvir much better i
Personally think

Why does he need a new spice if Fast Snipers are some of the best attacking options in the game? I’d rather have 2 than 1. I’d rather have 3 than 2. Is winning boring?

Neith makes a good flank on D but I can’t imagine her being better on offense than Joon or Poseidon.

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