Joon or Guinevere, Which One to Ascend?

Joon’s fat damages vs Guinevere epic tanking. I just can’t decide so I’m asking here. I don’t care much about titans. My current lineup is Arthur, Panther, Zeline, and Boldtusk. I also have Jackal and Wu in Yellow.
So which one would be the best to ascend with this lineup ? Thanks

Psst…This question doesn’t even merit an answer as we know Guin will elevate you to new heights…Joon can join the fun eventually…But Guin and Zeline in the same team ? Mind Blown :stuck_out_tongue_closed_eyes:


If you don’t care about titans then I would do Guin (presumably raids and AW are more your style and shes a beast on defense teams). Plus Jackal at 4/70 has higher tile damage than Joon anyways, so when he shatters he’s still useful.

Just have a look to top 10 players. You will know the answer in seconds.

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How much damage would you say a one/two punch between Jackal and Joon ? Can anyone withstand it…I have both maxed and I don’t recall many of any standing up to it…There is THAT advantage…

it depends on your lineup. But think about this hard. Guinivere is good in only 1 aspect of the game. And yes she is absolutely great at it. Joon is good in every aspect of the game. Thats all i will say :slight_smile:


If you are killing purple titan with 3 yellow heroes, Guinevere will be better choice. Wu and Jackal have small hp and defence, so you will like her buff and healing

No different than a shot from Grimm/Gormek/Tibs followed by that same shot :slight_smile:

Looks like we need a “Name a better duo” thread… I love the fireworks and damage from G.Falcon followed by C.Kestrel :metal:

Unless you care about getting to the top of cups, Joon will do more for you overall than Guin. That said Guin in a tank in a class by herself. But you don’t really “use” Guin, you just throw her on defense.


I don’t have either but based on the defenses I’ve gone against in raids, I would gladly go against Joon rather than Gunny. Personally I want Gunny more than Joon and that is what I am aiming for starting tomorrow.

I’ve put both Joon and Delilah above Guinevere in my queue.

My war defense is Alberich / Magni / Ares / Musashi / Thoth. Guin is another Heal-over-time hero, which doesn’t add to Alberich / Ares as much as Delilah. Joon gives a replacement for Musashi that I think is superior, either killing outright or hitting very hard and blinding. Musashi’s self-heal is not as good as Joonks blind.

Your team doesn’t have the same issues, so perhaps you’ll come to a different conclusion,

I am on the same boat here! Everything changed to me now, i recently summoned Guin too! And today a miracle happened and Lianna came across! With a single pull from the event epic hero token i got! Insane!

I have Joon, Viv, Delilah now Guin but got 6 darts, so one will go but which?!? Tough but great doubt! I’d say use your heroes and experiment. That’s what im gonna do.

My 5* are Zeline & Natalya at 4th tier well leveled
Panther, Joon & Perseus (waiting for a better but he’s good) at 3rd tier

  • lvl1 Lianna, Guin, Viv, Delilah, Obakan, Khagan

Have no clue what to do but Guin might be the best tank for me
But what @Xero786 said has made me think about Joon’s versatility, i aso got Jackal and need to get him strong, that duo is insane.
This game’s strategy and counter strategy is awesome
I am looking for a good defense raid team though

But u need a 5* healer too, so experiment and see in raids who gives u more trouble, who saves ur team more :slight_smile:

Wait for Alasie next month.

Because of my particular heroes already in hand, my sequence for yellow is planned as: Joon, Delilah, Guinevere, Vivica. With Ares and Alberich, my top team already has a lot of healing, and all healing over time, so I wanted Joon’s punch and Delilah’s insta-Heal.

I am leanng towards Joon and Jackal the duo
however i dont have a 5 healers maxed
Maybe i might stick with Joon and use Rigard on the defense team, i need versatility as well, i know Guin wont give me that, joon will be useful in many places
Still on the limbo here!
With Lianna i will try to max her but i recently used my tonics on Zeline, however Lianna is a no brainer
So many options make this game awesome

Experience will tell me which heroes will be worthed!

And i am very interested in Alasie!

With ur team having alby and Ares i think Joon is def the way to go for now

Hi Zero. I would like your advice on my team. I have Vivica at 3:70 and just get Guinevere when I try to get Drake Fong. Soon I will have enough material to bring one yellow up to 80. Which one is best for my first 5 yellow? or shall I go after Drake in a few days? This is my first 5 stars Team Grave 3:70, Alasie at 3:70 and Gregorion 3:70. I have Domitia but not touch her yet as I am waiting for a better one. My max 4 stars: BT, Wu, Tiburtus, Little John, Jackhal, Hansal, Sonya. I have Merlin, Karil, Reguard, Gafar and Colen at 3:60. and the rest 4* and 5* (Kadilen, Richard, Thorn, Yuna2, and second Greg)

Appreciate your advice.

I am not @Xero786 but I’d ascend Guinevere first. More to the point, I did ascend Guinevere first. She’s really in a class by herself on raid and war defense. While VIvica is a more potent healer, her slow mana means a lot can fall apart before she’s ready to cast.

While there’s a lot to like about Drake, your team is very short on healing, so I’d ascend Guin (or, if you prefer, Vivica) first.

I would also get Rigard and Kiril maxed ASAP. Your team must suffer heavy casualties in Alliance Wars! With Guin, Vivica (3/70), BT, Kiril and Rigard, you’ll have five healers for six AW teams, so I’d also be looking for another healer. Melendor would be a good choice, both for his enemy debuff skill and to use your green feeders efficiently.

I would leave Kadilen, Richard, Thorne, Yunan and Greg#2 untouched for the foreseeable future. None of them are priorities for your team.

Of the other 4* you mention, all are worthwhile: Merlin, Gafar and Colen. Colen isn’t my favorite, but against green titans you’ll want more horsepower than you now have. Merlin is brilliant on offense, as is Gafar. But get your healers on-line first.


basically what Kerridoc said :slight_smile:


Thanks Zero, I like your raid video by the way. Learn a lot from it.

Thanks for your advice Kerridoc. i have some gems a make some pull in Season 2 if nothing new I will work on Guinevere.

I see people said that Guinevere is best Tanker so far yet she not good at offense and I want to build my offensive team before build my defense team so I can enjoy when I raid or attack Titan. Lost cups is not my concern but make it easy for me to fill raid chest for the chance of AM.

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