Who should be my next Holy? Who gets the darts?

Who should get my darts. I need your advice please…
And I already have One G. Jackal +16

C. Joon number two is the smart choice (or Malosi number 2).

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Just my 1 1/2 cents… I’d get Bai Yeong to 3/70 and decide then. Honestly if you only have six darts, I’d probably hold them if I had your lineup. It would be just my luck that I would spend them and then get some amazing hero… :rofl:

Another Joon for more firepower. I did 2 Costume Liannas and dont regret at all.

Bae Bear Dog for diversity, but keep in mind u already have Malo for silencing. Besides silencing is one of the best ailments you can cast.


No lvl 11+ mana troop?? I’d work on 2nd Malosi for war but get two yellow mana troops to lvl 11+ as well.

First yellow team could be Rigard/Ariel, G.Jackal, C.Joon, Malosi, Onatel. Then 2nd Malosi could be on another war team.

Alternatively, you can bring 2nd Joon to 4/1 and then max the costume to 4/80. That way you save feeders, especially since you won’t be embleming a 2nd Joon.


I’d go with Malosi, both for diversity as well as his speed. While Joon hits harder, Malosi’s special can block some of the more devistating ailments a defense can throw at you if he first first, and since he’s very fast, there’s a good chance that’ll happen.

I use Malosi on every raid involving yellow. I don’t have Joon’s costome, but I have leveled him. He now sees action mostly in war.

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With this mana troops speed doesn’t matter malosi need 7 shields so most of the time 3x3 matches. You need 2x 11lvl mana troop.

I think Bai for more diversity and his link is great for mono teams only those who don’t have him talk about how useless he is. He is a decent hero.

Second joon is also a good option.

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Bai or hold your darts for Odin or Thor

If you have another team that could benefit from a Malosi sidecar hero, then it’s good to do a second Malosi before a second costume Joon. The other options are much less useful. Even when the meta changes again, Malosi will look good due to his speed and special.

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IMO, 2nd Joon or 2nd Malosi, then 2nd Onatel before Bai Yeong.
And level your mana troop to get advantage of Jackal and Malosi.
If you Emblem Jackal with mana node at +8, you need only mana troop lvl 5 instead of 11, so I would plan both mana troop to lvl 5 1st (if you plan 2nd Jackal to +8 emblem), then one of troop continue to lvl 11.