Who should be my green war tank?

Melendor fully at A 810 D 693 H 1066 average
Lianna currently at A 712 D 702 H1219 fast
Lianna is more durable and able to remove enemies while Melendor can heal, but I’ve also got a Boldtusk on my wing for his average speed healing.

In this specific scenario I would say Lianna. Boldtusk might be better than both, but if it needs to be green, then Lianna.

Melendor is a poor tank. He is essentially a tile dump because him going off won’t hurt the enemy. The debuff can be annoying, but that isn’t much a deterrent since the attacker can time specials. Then as a tile dump his D and HP are fairly low so it won’t take much to just have a hole to ghost tiles. Costume Melendor is better than base, but I don’t believe you mentioned having him.

Good luck!



Fully agree. Also, if possible, try to put Boldtask on flank. He is average speed and might charge too late on the wing. On the wing is best to put fast heroes, especially snipers, strong revivers or very strong hit all.


That got me thinking.
My other war hero contenders are Boril @ pow 743 (counterattack to neigbours), Domitia @ pow 698 (defense against yellow to neighbours) and Li Xiu @ pow 740.
Boldtusk @ pow 644, Lianna @ pow 742 and Meledor @ pow 738. I could replace Li Xiu with Melendor and even break from rainbow replacing Domitia with Boldtusk

If Im not mistaken you are fairly new to the game. You should know that power numbers dont mean a whole lot when talking about specific heroes. If you want to get advice then you should give us the ascension tier and level of your heroes you are asking about. From the power levels or the base stats we cannot really tell what level is the hero. So for example a maxed 5* hero is 4/80 where the 4 is the ascension tier and the 80 is the level. A maxed 4* is 4/70, a maxed 3* is 3/50. We can give you better advice if you describe your heroes in this format.


@Gerg what levels have you got Lianna and Melendor at?
Are they both on max?

Hi fellow UK Celt,
They’re both at 4/70 with the Melendor at full emblems but with Lianna still on the rise.

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