Green, green, green and another green


recently i got plenty of green heroes… the game loves to give me green…

Maxed greens: Evelyn, Caedmon, Kashrek

other greens not maxed: Elkanen 3-70, Tarlak 3-70, Melendor 3-60

greens at 1-x: Lianna 1-26, Kadilen 1-1 Hansel 1-12, Gadeirus 1-1, Skittleskull 1-1, Caedmon 1-1, Little John 1-1 (2x), Melendor 1-1, and 3 x Hisan 1-1

right now i’m working on Hansel since everybody says he is so hot right now…

mats available:

sturdy shield 7
tonics 1 :frowning:

what do you think… maxing Hansel next is ok i thin… but afterwards… continuring Lianna? starting Kadilen? and who should get the tonics once i have them?

right now i can’t see the green path to go because there is so much greens around…

Thanks in advance,


Hansel and then Lianna. Tarlak is awesme even at 3.70 but if you ascend him you will enjoy him better.


Yes, Hansel should get prioritized. Then start to level Lianna.

If you get to 3.70 with her and are still lacking in tonics, then you can either ascend Melendor, or if you don’t have enough shields (or want to save them) you could work on Hisan since he’s a 3* and quick to level. Arguably the 2nd best green 3* too.


Next: Lianna, and once you get the tonics it depends on what you want: raids and wars, Lianna, titans, Tarlak.

so you think Lianna over all the others?

right now i enjoy raiding teams with aegir (or other blue) tanks with Frida, Kril, Evelyn, Caedmon, Elkanen… most of the time works very well… so i thought on upgrading Elkanen or Kadilen because of the nice pairing with Evelyn… (multiple green hit)

Tarlak would be nice as well but i have Ranvir too (and more mats for him to ascend him sooner)

of course Lianna seems to be great as well…

In my honest opinion I would focus on levelling Hansel next followed by Lianna.

Yes, I would still go with Lianna.

Evelyn -> Elkanen is pretty fun and makes Elkanen much more viable. But Evelyn -> Lianna works the same way just against one enemy. And that combo destroys almost any enemy hero in the game. It’s great when you need to take out a threat quickly.

But aside from that, Lianna is also more independent than Elkanen. She certainly appreciates Evelyn’s help but she does not necessarily need it to be a great hero. This matters for wars a lot where you can only use each hero once, and having the choice to use them either together or independently is good to have. With Elkanen I can’t really say the same thing, he really needs support from a defense down ailment caster (at least regular defense down) to get the most out of his skill. Otherwise his damage is meh, and he won’t heal himself back as much.

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Hi @Hermann.
We love you, you know?



Maybe you should work something out with this guy:

RNG gonna RNG.


And I love all of you… Just wish I head the materials for all of you…

Thanks for your thoughts… Will consider it…

Yes, Lianna is a very versatile hero, because she has both an awesome hard hitting special and a high tile damage, along with fast mana, so she will be helpful in almost every aspect of the game.

Tarlak is great for titans, but IMO he has 2 disadvantages: 1. his power boost only works great if paired with a BT or similar, and 2. even combined, he has a 160% boost limit, which Ranvir doesn’t.

About Elkanen, I would not say he’s bad (though here in the forum there are many opposite voices), however, their attack stat is lower, so he will deal less damage in titans than Lianna.

You should definitely max Hansel and Melendor before moving on to any 5*. By the time you finish maxing those two and taking a 5* to 3.70 you might already have another 9 shields but I dont think you’ll have 5 more tonics. You might even consider working on Lj or skittles for 4* rush tournaments or melendor #2. You can never have enough healers for war. My alliance mate Zephyr is up to 4 maxed Melendors.

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how ist Lianna at 3-70… because right now it looks like i can’t bring her further soon…

Like most Hansel first then Lianna.

BUT if you stack green, the I would put Hansel first then Melendor.
You have Tarlak and Evelyn for the color debuff and power buff.
Mel heals and dispels all possible enemy buffs and has high tile damage for a 4*.

She is OK, but no more than Caedmon.

She is the type of hero that will only make a difference if maxed out.

Melendor option some above have given is not bad at all, he has a heavy attack, so he will also be helpful in titans while and when you max Lianna.

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