Who is the best tank in the game? (or best tank/flank combo)

Alright, with the debilitating nerfs on telluria she fell from the throne of the most overpowered tank and currently I don’t really see her nowhere near the top position as a tank. Who do you think is currently the best tank in the game? Or maybe what are the most devastating tank/flank combos on defense ( because sometimes just the tank is not enough ). Just to know what I should aim for. I am currently using emblemmed heimdall +20 and im dropping to platinum so I guess this guy is not enough…or I am missing some synergy flank for him.

Black Knight as tank, and Frigg/Odin as flanks is currently the most devastating defensive combo I think… The new Telluria/Vela/Gravemaker combo, I mean.

However, there is no tank better than another. They all depend on your own team to fully shine, or not. It’s all matter of synergy.


There isn’t one “best” tank, what makes a defense deadly are the supporting cast rather than just the tank itself. For example Telluria flanked by Justice and Obakan probably isn’t going to hold up too well past 2400 cups. So if the question is toughest centers to beat, then off the top of my head (in no particular order):

  • Frigg-BK-Odin
  • Green 1-BK-Green 2, where green 1 and 2 are two out of Zeline, Francine, Frigg
  • Green 1-GM-Green 2, following same green heroes as above
  • Drake-Kunchen-Odin
  • any defense that has 3 ninjas, preferably Cobalt, Garnet, Onyx (that tile and skill dodge can sometimes occur at the worst possible times…)

woot…kunchen tank, what is this? 2018? :smiley: does it still work? @rho

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So basically odin/frigg are what I should aim for. Aight.

Kunchen is still a very good tank, no need to target the newest heroes to get a team difficult to beat.

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Problem with Heimdall imo is that he is too passive. For that very same reason I don’t see BK as a great tank either. A tank that’s great punishes bad boards directly against the opponent either through damage/status ailment(s)/mana cut, etc…Heimdall and BK can become tile dumps in a worst case scenario precisely because they do not directly hurt an opponent directly when they go off.


exactly my thoughts. It is the same with Krampus. That was why telly was broken - her special impacted directly the opponent by reducing the mana generation and also dealing damage and so on. But after the nerfs her damage just tickles and the regen was nerfed to the ground, also minions suck now. So she is left with just mana reduction - which still makes her a great tank but definately not the best


Definitely agree there. All Krampus needs is a dispel to work around him. But once again, will serve as a tile dump worst case scenario when the board isn’t in the attackers favor even without a dispel.

without any combo, costumed Kadilen by far. but with Frigg on the hand probably Black Knight

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Early 2021 red tank

Frigg Vanda Odin
Krampus Reuben Frigg
Frigg Mitsuko Ariel

There are also new scary yurples

Freya Odin Bera
Alfrike Odin Freya

Bye bye Telly
Bye bye green tanks
Bye bye Vela
Bye bye Gravemaker


Reuben, not so much don’t see that working

Look at the flanks :wink: Or if you want something even more ridiculous: Drake-Kunchen-Drake. Have fun being eternally blinded.

Kunchen might be slow, but any hero with over 900 def and close to 1600 HP without troops shouldn’t be underestimated. Kunchen also has a few things that make him extremely annoying:

  • he resists defense debuffs, which means you’ll most likely be relying on tile damage to take him out
  • his elemental link makes him even harder to kill with a yellow stack
  • he is a cleric, and I’ve lost track the number of times his manashield has screwed me over

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