Frigg vs Telluria on Defense

Both maxed and emblemed, who do you think is the better tank?


I think Frigg is probably the more underrated & dangerous tank.

Most players will go into a green tank fight carrying heavy reds… So then the inclination is to match red tiles, ignoring the other ones mostly…

Frigg will punish this mindset as, if you ignore green tiles, her special skill becomes more and more lethal…

Add to that Mana speed is faster for Frigg & she’s rogue class so can dodge targetted special skills and she’s pretty dangerous…

Plus you know… Telly nerfs…


Don’t have either, but from facing them, definitely Frigg


wondering the same thing myself. enjoy using frigg on offense as well.

I agree with these points.

On the other hand, Frigg is more vulnerable to tile dmg as she has less def/hp than Telluria. Her damage is also variable depending on the green tiles on the board.

When I face Frigg tanks, I either bring greens or I bring Malosi + 4 reds and try to throw all the green tiles into her before she fires.

I’ve only seldom found Frigg at tank so it’s a little difficult for me to compare but so far I’ve found it easier to deal with Telluria. These days, I can reliably recover from a poor board and Tell’s special.

Frigg, despite being the easier tank to kill, is far more potent if she gets that special off. The aftermath from her defense down can be brutal, as I’ve found to my detriment on a couple of occasions now and getting a cleanse ready to go against a fast tank can be a challenge.

Ive been using frigg. She definitely isnt as sturdy but she is the tank you don’t want to let her special go off. If telly goes off no biggie. I like my defense teams to kill as fast as possible so if thats your mentality then frigg is the one for u.

Frigg. She is probably the best tank for raid defense right now.

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