Best Paladin tank after nerfing?

Aegir is never on any of the top teams but I think he’s a great tank.

Heimdall is on a few teams but not much.

Telly is still around but not as much.

Clarissa is on one or two here and there but she doesn’t scare me in the least and I use her as a support player at flanker.

King Arthur is a beast on blue mono but I never see him on any top teams defense

Ares and Justice seemed to be a favorite a few years ago but not anymore.

Mica is the new kid on the block, he’s currently on my second yellow mono attack team but never see him on top defenses.

Zulag I think I seen once, I haven’t started leveling her.

Odin I just pulled and haven’t seen him yet

Those are the paladin I currently have leveled or close. Who would you give emblems to put as a tank on your defense?

My current tank is Bera +7. I also use Aegir +9 and Telly +3

How well do you like Bera??? Telly is still the best tank PERIOD.

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She does good. I use her as my tank in war since we are currently using dark and on my standard defense because I have Vela +13 who replaced Aiger as my ice hero.

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From all those heroes i only have Clarissa and Odin. I wouldnt use Clarissa as my tank. So if i have to pick one my choice would be between Heimdall and Telluria.
Telluria usually gives me more troubles than heimdall. Shes less passive than him, and not matter if people say shes not more useful due the nerf i will still consider her the best Paladin tank.

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I don’t know about Telly being the best tank out of any class anymore. I have a harder time going against Frigg, Garnet and Black Knight and a few others.


If Clarissa is a +20 and you don’t get a good board, you can be screwed much quicker than if you had a similar board against Telluria. I personally avoid Clarissa tanks if they are +20 I have lost too many against her and she is frustrating lol.


In my honest opinion for Tank role I would still use Telluria first followed by Heimdall…
Aegir is ok but not the best…
Clarissa in flank as support …
Odin - not sure yet but would love to try him out as a tank

Despite all the nerf, telly is still the best tank among all paladins.

Second is aegir, third is heimdall. That’s my personal opinion.

You can use ur own judgment by raiding paladins tank and which one trouble u more. Then make it ur own tank


I stripped my Telly for Heimdall. I don’t think he is necessarily any better at tank, but he is so much better in other game modes than she is. He is brilliant in s3 hard with my Gullinbursti +20. Hard to lose when you go into boss wave with 3000+ HP


i never used a slow hero on any map ever, for progress nor farm. wondering how you can go on killing stuff with 2 super passive ones?

Gullinbursti does damage also. I use Proteus, Evelyn, Lianna and other supporting cast members based on colours I’m against. It certainly works

Stat-wise, among paladins, Heimdall has the highest defense. Telluria comes a close second. Problem with Heimdall is he only does 2 things significant: heal/boost health and attack buff. Telluria on the other hand does 4 things even after nerf: low damage to all, minion summoning, minor heal over time and mana regen delay.


You underestimate slow heroes. Most of them has high attack stats that the enemy monsters die on tiles. And they have powerful skills, i.e. Snow White, Azlar, Elena, etc. I use my rainbow teams with heroes that deal AOE when farming or doing quests. Azlar among them. I tend to hold on to skills to be used against the bosses


With tiles and 3 other heros. I also use Heimdall and Gullin in S3 hard mode, unless the enemies are heavy red. As someone said, it’s almost impossible to lose, without using any battle items.

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