Who gets the telescopes?

Looking for some advice please!

Leaning towards Alasie, but only problem is that I do not have any spare emblems at the moment.

Costume Isarnia is also a consideration for very fast tournaments and wars, and Glenda looks good too.

Who is the best option?

Alasie is great but personally I wpukd go for Glenda first, her damage is pretty good and her buff will be very usefull for Snowhite/Vela/Magni

I have Fenrir, Glenda, Misandra and Raffaele maxed. I use Raffaele everyday because i dont have Ariel. Glenda is cool because of the cleanse. Misandra is great when she does the multiple hits. I have Fenrir +20. He’s a great finisher.

Me personally I would go with Isarnia. The costumes are strong and its nice to have 2 heroes in 1. Kinda lol.

Frosthh if you have the other minion 5 * heroes

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You could go Aegir to combo with Snow White. That’s essentially just a nuke that goes off!

I recently maxed Frosth, and I really like him. That passive mana generation is fantastic when paired with Ariel.

Dude you are stacked! With all of those already great Blue heroes, I’d personally so Glenda to beef up their special when you stack blue.


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Thanks for the advice everyone.

So the common consensus seems to be Glenda? slightly surprised, but I’ll see how it works out!

I thought alasie as she would be a good sniper ( I don’t tend to use magniv for some reason). My blue team is usually Ariel, Loki, C.Richard, Athena, Arthur

Glenda is great for boosting damage and she cleanses. I’m using her on my blue 3-2 team all the time.
I’d also consider Frost and Raffaelle.

I’d go with Raff, you don’t have much healers and cleaners, then Alasie, you need more fast finishers


If I were you I would hold, see if you pull someone more interesting.

Glenda is quite underwhelming, damage is meh and the buff to special attack is barely noticeable except on AoE. The cleanse is good but you have Ariel.
Isarnia is great with her skyrocket attack but you already have Athena for titans, and she’s squishy af.
Alasie is a great hero and you could her instead of magni, but she needs emblems to be efficient enough now.

Fenrir hits like a wet noodle, misandra is even worse, both are not worse spending mats on at all when you already have a bench. Frosth is only if you want to build and offense minion team.
Raffa is good healer, if you need a second one after Ariel. When I do i usually use cKiril though

I have Ariel for heal and cleanse. I also have a fair few healers in other colours - C.Vivica, Ratatoskr, C.Kiril+18,:C.Rigard+18, prof lindenbrock

I think you might be right, waiting might be the best option.

As much as I like the idea of Alasie or Glenda, neither would likely get into my first choice blue team, so might be better waiting for a game changing hero?

One is not enough for wars.

He’s got 8 blue heroes, that’s probably enough to cover most war situations, and none of the option would really change war setup.

Cobalt, one of the circus guys or a new s4 hero (morel for instance) may be better alternatives

Most? That’s not enough.

Do you usually go blue mono, or rainbow, or something in between?

If you stack heavily Frosth’s elemental link really helps. If you had a strong off-color minion maker that might make for an excellent 4-1 combo.

Otherwise… Glenda if you want the cleanse in blue. C Isrania for the damage output and d down particularly against titans or in VF

Well if you’re willing to spend 3k every month to get a super high number of mats and heroes, sure you can waste some on heroes you will use twice a year.
Otherwise, I’d be satisfied with “most situations” and wait for a hero that you will use reasonably often.

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It’s not waste if you get better heroes for war. Would be easier to choose the target

And I think he has enough of heroes to wait scopes

That’s the point, he would not have better heroes. He would have another hero that is not as good as the vast majority for heroes he already has.

But he would have better whole. At that point, I would focus on that

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