5* Ascension - Offense


I have maxed: 2 Ariel, Magni-C, Athena, Frida, Miki, Alasie

Waiting at 70: Alice, Aegir, Misandra, Glenda, and Krampus.

Im feeling overwhelmed and would appreciate advice for offense

Thank you!

I feel that Alasie is your best option. She is one of the best snipers STILL. She will go wonderfully with your blue stack.

I could see a horrific 4:1 with Ariel, Magni-C (or Athena) , Frida & Alasie + favorite off-color

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Gaaaah! I looked at my hero’s again - alasie is already maxed (my bad) onward! Haha :slight_smile:

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Well, then, Alice or Misandra.

I love Misandra because of her mana boost, but Alice is a PITA

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I would say Alice or Krampus. Alice helps with titans. Also depends on your emblems.

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I am going to dissent from the crowd. Go Glenda, give her your level 23 mana troop, and put her beside Athena and a sniper. Carnage ensues

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