Which Blue Gets The Telescopes?

I have 6 telescopes and what I feel are 3 deserving heroes to ascend, so I figured I’d toss it to the community to see what everyone thinks. I have Glenda, Costume Isarnia, and Magni as the contenders. I have 700+ Emblems ready for Magni if he is the choice. I’m going to post my roster for all to see, since I know that question gets asked alot. I appreciate any advice you guys can give.

Costumed Isarnia vote here. She’s deadly.


I vote Magni.
I was originally going to say Costume Isarnia, but I think you’re covered on defense down with Grimmm at +19.
Magni is the only one with emblems in consideration so Magni will become your strongest blue hero.
I’m a big fan of fast snipers. I find them hard to pass up if you are lacking.

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Ya agree, has to be magni if only because you have the emblems for him. Otherwise I may be inclined to say glenda… love me my glenda.

I too would choose Glenda, but since you have lots of 'blems for Magni, go with him.

I really thought most answers would be Glenda, which is where I was leaning. Always interesting to see what the community thinks

Another +1 for Magni.
Good blue sniper atleast 1, before other support.

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I appreciate all the feedback. Looks like Magni is the winner. It would nice to get a few more opinions before I pull the trigger. Thanks guys.

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