Ariel or Alasie?

So I have Ariel 3-70 and started working on Alasie but only have 4 telescopes so need to make a decision as to give scopes to Alasie or Ariel?

I do lack healers and only have two 5* healers - Delilah and Aeron. I also lack a blue sniper only have Misandra and Isarnia in blues fully leveled.

Any suggestions are greatly appreciated.

You have already 2 offensive blue 5* so I will go for Ariel first, she is one of the best healer in game but this is hard decision beacuse Alasie is one of the best sniper in game.


I would go with Alasie first. You’re not hurting on healers so upgrading your Titan team would be top priority

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If you’ve got Isarnia and Misandra maxed I would go Ariel, she is arguably the best healer in the game.

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Hmm thanks for the replies. This is one tough choice lol, I want healers as much as I need snipers and titan specialists.

Oh to have such difficult choices. I have Ariel maxed and she is simply amazing. One of my favorite heroes. I don’t think you would regret giving her mats. Since you already have two 5* healers I would probably choose Alasie first and use Ariel at 3/70 while you wait for items.

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Another thing to think about: As another powerful sniper, Alasie can greatly increase your Titan hits. Better hits gives you a better chance for more mats to give Ariel

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@MrGordonFreeman I had same dilemma, maxed Ariel first and absolutely use her on my defense.

She is arguably the best hero in the game, the heal, mana boost, Atlantis family defense bonus. She’s on every raid team, on my main defense and if you haven’t finished season 2, she will make it much easier.

My alasie is 4/55 now and she’s great too. You can’t go wrong but as great as alasie is, Ariel is just amazing!

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I actually faced this same choice recently. I went with Ariel, but that was because I had no 5* healers at all. You don’t have that issue. This is tough. The good new is; you really can’t go wrong either way. Both are top notch heroes. I personally would probably go for Ariel. I love her mana generation. I think she is the best healer in the game.

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