Fenrir or Misandra?

My blue 5 * heroes are miki, Vela, alasia, I need advice which is better in attack or fenrir or misandra I only have 6 telescopes.

Fenrir + Alasie = OHKO)

I would say Fenrir)

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Wouldn’t Fenrir + Alasie be 2 hits?


I believe both Fenrir and Alasie are fast. They’d theoretically charge at the same time.

Misandra is nice but streaky with the hit, though she can take some hits with emblems and can be played on defense if you need to. Her hit would also never be mistaken for Magni’s or Alice’s unless it hits 4 times.

Fenrir seems like a better sniper, but I don’t have direct experience with him to know.

So like most of these things, what do you need more in your line up?

Depends on which emblems you can spare.

They both fighters)

So, I think Fenrir is better overall.

Thank you all for the advice I gave the telescopes to fenrir. Alasie will be a good duo :slight_smile:

I’m too late. Lol. Was going to strongly suggest Misandra. I have mine at ^20 and dig her. Of the two, she would be more likely to one-shot a hero with more than 50% health (if her extra attacks also hit the target). And her mana boost for allies is great. I run her in a blue stack with Alasie, Frida, Ariel and Aegir. She will often charge one or all of them if her attack pops. Then it’s game over.

I have Fenrir, but I haven’t leveled the hero so I can’t speak to experience there. I will someday.

Yep. If Alasie doesn’t finish off the enemy, then Fenrir will (but so will just about any other attacking hero). I’m not sure who Fenrir works well with. I don’t really like the either/or part of his special, to be honest. Seems like a niche offense hero to me.

With your team Fenir works better I think. Misandra works well with average heroes with mana troops (level 11 or level 1 with costume bonus) you can charge them with 9 tiles when you use her special even with 1 hit.

It doesn’t matter, so I’ll put Misandra up in half a year, I tested them so misandra didn’t bother me, she just had great mana here, fenrir will also give mana but only herself and health, but the bigger pressures seemed to me from fenrir.

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Going through this myself :slight_smile:

My one concern is with Finley, Kilhare, Roostly — it’s a mechanic that may get a better Version or overdone.

I like that Fenrir could always have room in a stack, and really gets going - he’s essentially the vf blue 5*,

His overkilll power pairs well with vf rainbow as a kind of 1-2 rabbit punch without needing to stack or being a Barb

You kind of get good tile damage, Dodging, slashing, mana, healing, complimentary skills shooting Really fast — but Fenrir is the only finisher — completes the set… without him, it’s Kind of Up to Malosi

Pulled back a bit due to Mits counter

For color blocking - I run Ariel, Athena, Frida, Alice, (open) — plus sif

Looking at Vela too


Good luck finding the timing of charged Fenrir vs an enemy with 49.99% health and 3 minions. So I end up waiting with a charged Fenrir most the time.

And then in the end, killing a hero that any other blue sniper would also kill…

Misandra doesn’t exactly deal out sniper damage.
Until she chains… which does seem accurate at 42% of the time.

I find Fenrir’s skill is also accurate. Either a waste of unnecessary overkill damage. Or absolutely pathetic

And prefer even 4* blues to Fenrir

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