Fenrir or Misandra?

My blue 5 * heroes are miki, Vela, alasia, I need advice which is better in attack or fenrir or misandra I only have 6 telescopes.

Fenrir + Alasie = OHKO)

I would say Fenrir)

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Wouldn’t Fenrir + Alasie be 2 hits?


I believe both Fenrir and Alasie are fast. They’d theoretically charge at the same time.

Misandra is nice but streaky with the hit, though she can take some hits with emblems and can be played on defense if you need to. Her hit would also never be mistaken for Magni’s or Alice’s unless it hits 4 times.

Fenrir seems like a better sniper, but I don’t have direct experience with him to know.

So like most of these things, what do you need more in your line up?

Depends on which emblems you can spare.

They both fighters)

So, I think Fenrir is better overall.

Thank you all for the advice I gave the telescopes to fenrir. Alasie will be a good duo :slight_smile:

I’m too late. Lol. Was going to strongly suggest Misandra. I have mine at ^20 and dig her. Of the two, she would be more likely to one-shot a hero with more than 50% health (if her extra attacks also hit the target). And her mana boost for allies is great. I run her in a blue stack with Alasie, Frida, Ariel and Aegir. She will often charge one or all of them if her attack pops. Then it’s game over.

I have Fenrir, but I haven’t leveled the hero so I can’t speak to experience there. I will someday.

Yep. If Alasie doesn’t finish off the enemy, then Fenrir will (but so will just about any other attacking hero). I’m not sure who Fenrir works well with. I don’t really like the either/or part of his special, to be honest. Seems like a niche offense hero to me.

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With your team Fenir works better I think. Misandra works well with average heroes with mana troops (level 11 or level 1 with costume bonus) you can charge them with 9 tiles when you use her special even with 1 hit.

It doesn’t matter, so I’ll put Misandra up in half a year, I tested them so misandra didn’t bother me, she just had great mana here, fenrir will also give mana but only herself and health, but the bigger pressures seemed to me from fenrir.

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Good luck finding the timing of charged Fenrir vs an enemy with 49.99% health and 3 minions. So I end up waiting with a charged Fenrir most the time.

And then in the end, killing a hero that any other blue sniper would also kill…

Misandra doesn’t exactly deal out sniper damage.
Until she chains… which does seem accurate at 42% of the time.

I find Fenrir’s skill is also accurate. Either a waste of unnecessary overkill damage. Or absolutely pathetic

And prefer even 4* blues to Fenrir

Not late for me though :slight_smile: . I pulled up Fenrir recently and today by pure luck I got Misandra as well from two coin pulls. Now I don’t have needed scopes, but when I’l do I will have same problem. I have Kage so Kage + Fenrir are nice combo. Though currently with all Tellurias around I prefer using Skadi.

Will be fun if Glenda joins the fray as well lol.


I dont know in offense but when i face her on defense i never had a problem with Missandra. But thats just me. Maybe on offense shes better.

I find both a bit underwhelming. One scenario where I think Fenrir is better is against a minion heavy team. Minions are like quasi healers but they keep the actual health low, which means that Fenrir will do a lot more damage to minion buffed low health heroes vs those that have been actually healed


We have a guy in my alliance who runs Kage + Fenrir and swears by it. I ask him, wouldn’t Kage + any sniper or any sniper + Fenrir do the same thing. Then he gets mad at me. It’s a good time. :wink:


I would most likely use Fenrir for events together with Miki. Lower HP down by tiles using Miki’s buff until it stops working then time for Fenrir to take a snack. Could be great against bosses in later stages, where they have ton of HP so Fenrir’s high damage isn’t wasted. Misandra on the other hand looks like good all-rounder. Anyway I am still missing 3 scopes, so let’s not get ahead of ourselves.

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Fenrir is one of my 3.7 heroes because it’s dependency on other heroes for value. Almost every match Fenrir sits charged, for varied periods of time between 1 round to the entire match…

I didn’t find damage boost, such as Miki, a useful addition to overkill. Nothing changes, Fenrir either does too much damage or sits there and does nothing. As far as boosting his under damage, Misandra makes more sense along with all other damage heroes.

Wilbur on the other hand is a good addition to Fenrir. But any 5⭐️ that requires a 4⭐️ for value is a poor choice in my opinion. And… Fenrir still has a problem with timing with Wilbur or not…

Misandra never has to wait.

My advice is to use them both for 10 matches each. And record how much damage each hero does. This would be a minor nuisance by looking at your enemies before/after you attack and recording the HP loss with some simple subtraction. For Misandra, look at all the enemies in case she chains.

I would do it but…
Misandra got my scopes (A decision that I don’t regret by the way) So it would be an unfair comparison. After 10 matches see which has done the most damage. It wouldn’t surprise me in the slightest to find Misandra a clear victor. And then add mana gain on top.

[📯 Fenrir – Season 3 Hero – 5* Ice/Blue: Thoughts, Discussion & Summon Results with Feedback]

Eventually, I’ll probably bench Misandra. She still gets a war flag for now.
But that’s all… she only recently got demoted from Titans. If you don’t have that have the key 5* blues for titans. Misandra will serve well for a good while.

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Initially you are right that Fenrir is special in the use of his own but when the opponent is less than 50% of his life whether he uses a shield or not it means DEATH !! You can not imagine how many times he has been useful to me in wars,events etc especialle on Ninja Tower that I took the last levels with his help!!
I personally admire him!
after all, there is a way to find it useful, such as his collaboration with good snipers or with Wilbur…

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It’s funny. I’ve had an up and down relationship with Misandra since I got her. She was the very first 5* hero I ever got so I maxed her as soon as I was able. She was a staple in most of my attack teams and a wing on my defense for what seemed to be forever. Then the emblem stuff happened and I first gave a bunch to BT to make him a beast. Then I stripped those to give to Kingston while I was running a Kunchen tank on defense. Misandra was left to the wayside only used as a part of a blue stack.

Then a funny thing happened. Telluria pushed Kunchen out of his tank spot. I go strictly rainbow on defense, soI decided to use Seshat on the wing as my dark hero and I was left with needing an Ice hero on defense. I had been using Alasie, but I stripped those emblems for Seshat. That left my best choice for Ice as Misandra. I didn’t need the emblems on Kingston anymore as he was no longer on D, so I stripped them and gave em to Misandra. Phew!

Anyway, I haven’t regretted it since. Misandra, GM, Telly, Drake, Seshat all at +20. My defense has been steady as a rock between 4500-4700 and that’s just fine with me. She was my first and still one of my favorite heroes in the game.


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