Who gets the tabards?

So i finally got my 6th tabard and will be able to ascend my second 5* purple.

Currently i am running a defence of white rabbit, tyr, telluria, jabberwock and magni.

I like jabber on offence too.

I have the following options to ascend:

I would like to have someone useful on raids and war and if possible at the same time good for events.

Who would you recommend to ascend out of those?

Go for Kage. He is very fast and a unique hero by reason that he dispels target’s buffs before delivering damage, rendering useless the defense buff and riposte on the said target. Downside is he doesn’t seem to kill some of the targets below 50% health.

Killhare is good if you have Jean Francois or Guardian Gazelle around. But she is for players who have already a solid roster of purple heroes.

Freya. Fast summoner, good if you have other summoner heroes.


Of those I would recommend Kage or Killhare. Kage is a super fast sniper, packs a good punch and dispels before he hits. Very versatile. Killhare is a one man wrecking rabbit. Can knock a team from full power to clinging to life. Alfrike is great too but I think the first 2 will suit the team better. Good luck!!


I agree with Ultra, if you already had a bunch of purples (i have guardian panther, 2 seshats, toth amun, sartana, kageburado, mokarr, captain sargasso all at 4/80 - pulled clarissa and alfrika and went with alfrika because even though very slow she is really fun to play with and clarissa was nerfed too much


In my honest opinion, I would focus on Kageburado- 100%.
Put emblems on him and you really won’t be disappointed.
Whichever hero you choose good luck

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I think for overall use, Kage is your best bet.

That said, Freya can be a royal pain when on a defense with other minion summoners. Faced a defense with Telluria tank, Delilah, and Freya present as well. It was a disaster.

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My personal opinion is Kageburado or Alfrike. Kind of opposite ends of the spectrum there!

Kage - Very fast, and dispells before he hits! I believe he’s one of the only ones who does it in that order.
Alfrike - Very slow, but absolutely devastating if/when she fires. I have maxed mine and taken her to +17 with emblems, and I’ve loved every minute of it.

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Since this would be your second purple legendary, go for Kageburado. You would love his very fast mana generation and high attack and skill damage output. The downside is, you will get use to it that you may not want heroes at average mana, much less your very slow Alfrike which is also a good hero but ideal only as a luxury hero if you already have a deep bench.

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Another vote for Kage

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Thank you all, I also forgot I have Clarissa and Kunchen. But since i have Telluria, not sure if i should consider Kunchen?

And Clarissa?

At 4/80, Kunchen is still beastly. I have been using him a ton since I pulled him and leveled him. Granted, this is me and my roster. I also did Clarissa, I use her but not as much as Kunchen. At the end of the day, I like them both. I hope to eventually move Kunchen into my normal and war defenses.

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Many people point Kage, but is Kunchen would be better tank in my team than Telluria? And i was looking for more offensive hero, which he kind of is, just not fast.

Kage/Killhare is my vote!

IMHO Telluria is definitely better for your team in offense and arguably better on defense. On offense, given you have Jabber and either Kage or Killhare, costumed Tiburtus and costumed Rigard are easy to get and round out your 4-1 purple stack very well as both will be functionally fast with just L5 mana troops. Kunchen is slow and his defense down will fire after your hitters have already fired.

On another note, I have both Kage and Killhare and prefer Killhare in the above Stack. My 1 is typically Ariel though.

On defense, Jabber is a very good defensive hero and replacing Telluria with Kunchen will remove some color synergy. Moreover your defense is fast and punishing; I feel Kunchen could again be too slow.