Freya, Panther, Kage or Clarissa?

I finally received my last tabard. I have 4 darks waiting for final ascension. Who to choose? Freya, panther, Kage or Clarissa? I have Ursena talented already.

It really depends on your current roster and what you need. IMHO

Titan basher? Panther.
Versatility and defense team? Kage


Do you have Noor? If so, Freya + Noor makes for a very strong killer minion force. Otherwise, I’d probably suggest Panther as she will give you benefit regardless of which other purples you bring with you. At 3/70 I imagine she would often die early

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Kage all day. I have two maxed and carve thru defenses.

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Panther. VF mana and will help ALL other purple heroes.


I hope you are not confused with the varied response of the above posters, all of them are valid nevertheless. In essence, only you can decide which hero you need to better compliment and support your teams on whatever facet of the game, be it against titans, or for wars and raids, or for maps and quests. Freya, Panther, Kageburado and even Clarissa are all excellent heroes and maxing either any of them is not a waste of ascension materials and other resources. Try re-reading the hero cards… and then redo it again, and then once more. If you have doubts to what a particular hero really do, you may use the search option of this forum and read some more on the comments of other players who actually own these heroes. That way, it will give you far better insights on each hero, aiding you with informed wisdom which hero is to be prioritized at your current state of the game. Wish you well and good luck.


I have all those heroes max leveled and find that i use guardian panther by far the most


To add to this:

Why would you ascend any of the 4 heroes?

Kage: Because at 3/70 he is unusable, and you want a fast strong hitting sniper who dispels up-front, or a good defensive option

Clarissa: Because at 3/70 she is unusable, and you want a decent DOT offensive option or an OK defensive option

Freya: Because she may be dying too quickly for you at 3/70, and you want a slightly stronger purple stack attack. Or you want a decent defensive option, or are struggling with PVE levels, or with the overall survivability of your offensive team. Or you have Noor maxed and want an awesome killer minion army

Panther: Because she may be dying too quickly for you at 3/70, and you want a slightly stronger purple stack attack. Particularly beneficial for titan attacks and purple heavy or mono teams

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Kage is good until the enemy has less than 50% health and then he sucks and there are several other purple snipers that hit overall better like seshat or sartana, clarissa damage is too weak for my uses, panther i use against every yellow titan and every purple stack attack team, freya i use manily for defense

I have all 4 maxed.

If you have any other dark heroes, then max panther to boost your titan hits and establish a dark stack for wars. Kage is more likely to survive and fire at 3/70, would be a great tandem.

Freya if you’re looking for a defense hero. Kage can also serve but I like Freya more.

Clarissa only after you have a few dark heroes to stack with.

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Kage is formidable and the 50% thing is true but it doesn’t take much to make him your assassin in the early stages.

Panther is probably where you’re at and will make you so much better on titans. I’d ascend her. Then Kage. Ursena with Panther (timed right) will be lethal, too.

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Panther for Titan and War Stacks. Hmmm considering that is like 99.6% of the game, panther by a landslide.


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