Royal Tabard goes to

I would like to ask your advice for who the lucky purple hero will be getting my precious tabards please

My PurpleTeam is like this :
Ursena Emblems at 14

G.Panther at 4/80

Kunchen Emblems at 15

Khiona Emblems at 14

Killhare Emblems at 15

The lucky runner ups are
A second Killhare ( cause I think she is just amazing :grin:)



Thank you so much in advance for any insight

I would probably say Clarissa.

Main reason is Very Fast & variety.

I am (currently) excluding Myztero cause I think he’s pretty niche and needs some good management to be effective on offence.

Clarissa at very fast & a strong DoT wrecks on both defence & offence.


Clarissa only if you plan to raid using dark stacking or put her in defense, or else Myztero.

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Maybe Clarissa? She has the elemental link with very fast speed, the defense buff that helps your purple teams survive until their skills are ready?? Just my thought. Never accept it seriously.

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+1 for Clarissa

I concur with @Guvnor 's line of reasoning.

Myztero needs to be used strategically on offence. (and sometimes, the board may not turn out to be in your favor at all.) Also, I am not sure he’ll be that effective on a defense team.

On the other hand - You cannot go wrong with Clarissa - absolute monster on both Offense and Defence.

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Thank you so much :pray:t3: Clarissa it is then :raised_hands:t3:

That’s my plan so Clarissa it is , thank you :pray:t3:

But I think I will :grin: thank you very much :pray:t3:

Thank you so much :pray:t3: I will go with Clarissa

And not a second Killhare in your opinion ?

Eventually yes. But variety is usually better.

But Killhare is pretty amazing…

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I raided against an otherwise top tier defense with a Mystero flank and man oh man was he bad. A 3* would have probably been better. It was actually a really bad raid for me and I still won because I could basically sink tiles into him with no penalty. My debuffers were all snipers so really easy to avoid the primary use of his special.

He’d be way more interesting on defense and in general if they had him memorize ailments on the entire team, not just himself (with an appropriate adjustment to mana speed).


:joy: That was my guess too. Thanks for confirming! :sweat_smile:

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Thank you so much for your reply

And a little suggestion for Myztero maybe , if getting him is like winning the lottery odds wise maybe shouldn’t he be the one of the strongest and wanted hero possible ?
It seems like he is very hard use and a bit worthless at the moment

Myztero all the way… for bragging rights purpose only, :grin::grin::grin: forcing you next time to ascend Clarissa

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:joy::joy::joy::joy::joy::joy: good logic :raised_hands:t3:

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