Who gets the tabards Ursena or Obakan?

Hey guys, I need some advice please. Our clan uses purple tanks, currently I have Proteus +8 as my tank. I pulled Ursena in the last Atlantis and have her sitting at 3-70, I’d planned to max her and stick her in as tank. However, I pulled Obakan in Wonderland and now I’m wondering who should get the tabards. Who makes a better purple tank?

Obakan is meh. Deals little damage and counterattack for 1 hero isn’t very useful.
Ursena is much better IMO, average mana + AoE makes her definitely a better tank than Obakan. When she goes off all allies reflect dmg from yellow so to beat her you either go with no yellow (so obviously it’s harder to kill her with tile damage), or take a fast dispeller and have a hope to charge mana before she charges her.

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Ursena, all the way!

Ursena for sure!! I have obakan and he barely makes one of my war teams

Cool, cheers guys. Ursena wins then!

I’ve never seen purple tanks in war. Wonder if it will be more common with kunchen getting more and more leveled.

Top alliances are switching and having success with dark tanks…(Kunchen)…

First time I have ever seen Ursena and Obakan in the same sentence hehe they are in separate leagues mate, Ursena is an absolute beast ( wish I had her ) so she gets my vote !

Only because of how many they have. Outside of Kunchen, and possibly Boss Wolf, purple doesn’t have tanks. It won’t be common outside of a specific few alliances.

I need to choose between Elena and Zim too, both at 3/70 - who gets the final ascension first?

I have. All purple tank war flanked by 2 yellows. Very difficult. We lost that one.

Kunchen, Boss Wolf, Hel, Ursena and Kageburado are all great purple tanks.
Aeron, Khiona, Thoth-Amun, Sargasso and Victor are 2nd rate tanks and the others are 3rd rate.

Mok-Arr is the only big no.

@bunsofsteel Id do Ursena without any doubt.

Forgot about Hel, others are serviceable, but I think Red and Yellow have more depth by a lot.

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