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Hi all, normally nowadays I exactly know whos my next project and why. But now a very hard choice is on the way. Our alliance is running purple tanks and currently Kunchen (+4) is my tank flanked by Zeline/Vela and on the wing Finley/Jabber (+8). My 6th tabard is close and my options are:
Kage (3/70)
Ursena (3/70)
Clarissa (1/1)
My priorities are on everything, Titans, war defense and attack, map, tourneys so I would love to choose the all around best hero. I’m leaning towards Ursena because she would get emblems from Mitsuko or Kage because also
he would get emblems. What do you think? My brain is exploding :rofl: In a 3/2 the Rigard/Kage or Rigard/Clarissa combis would be great. Just now theres a discussion in our alliance that some want to change the war defense to green so a new development there…

If you don’t have many other purple snipers maxed I would do Kage, you already have a serviceable purple tank in Kunchen so don’t need Ursena so much, and Clarissa’s DOT is pretty weak w/o emblems. Kage hits hard and hits early, and dispelling first means you don’t need to worry about riposte or defence buffs.

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Ursena is a very good purple tank, very comparable with Kunchen, I still recall when my alliance used purple tank before Telluria era.

If you are going to use Ursena, you have to drop Mitsuko away for 2 reasons: (i) talent redundancy and you cannot have 2 sorcerers sharing emblem, (ii) Ursena and Mitsuko reflect skills cannot be stacked, it replace each other.

So you have to also see who is going to replace Mitsuko and what talent.

Final thought, Kunchen and Ursena is a very good tank but defensive power of Kunchen is better.

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If you don’t have Gravemaker, ascend, max and emblem Kageburado. Maintain or improve emblems for Mitsuko since she is more relevant now due to the Velas and Finleys and other blue heroes backing Telluria tanks.


So true, I forgot about this point.
I have Mitsuko+18 who can at least deal with Vela Tsunami in the AW.

I think Ursena is a better tank than Kunchen, and if you care about titans she’s also great for yellow ones to protect you from their special skill.

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A lot of good points thx…no currently my only purple “sniper” is Jabber and his strongness on def is his weakness on offense (target the wings)…no Gravey in my team so it seems that the choice is Kage…(I wait what my free coins are bringing tomorrow on Tavern :rofl:)