Obakan worth the tabards?

Friends, Obakan worth the tabards? I have Domitia full and 12 tabards available. I only have 1 purple hero 5 * Domitia


Any purple 5* is better than Obakan, but Obakan is better than no purple 5*.


I’d basically say no. But as you have 12, I guess that you can use 6 for him & be abble this way to get a nice duo purple… For 3/2 or something like that…

Anyway, I feel you. Got 14 x 5* so far, absolutly none purple :roll_eyes:

Your situation reminds mine with red… My only red is Santa. But I also have Elena & Azlar… But both are meh… So… Waiting 12 rings to use 6 for one of them ._.


Yes. He will be useful for wars and purple-stack.
You have plenty of materials and maybe months will happen before you manage another purple 5* (or no, we never know) :man_shrugging:

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Azlar is a very solid hero, IMO. I wouldn’t say meh in the slightest.


Agree with folks that Okaban isn’t the cream of the crop dark hero, but there are ways to play him that bring decent results. If you have good troops and if you can boost attack with another hero, then he hits pretty hard when his special goes.

Tough call. If you summon a lot, you may find you’ll pick up enough other dark 5’s that will be good candidates for your tabards. If you only use TC20 to get 5’s, you might be waiting a long long time for anyone else to use them on.


If you buy a lot of heroes, the no, do not use them on Obakan.

If you mostly use TC 20, then yes.

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No on Ob IMO, just not a great hero.

I’ll give u either hel or kunchen for 6 tabards!
I’ll give u either eve or lianna for 6 tonics!

In all seriousness, I’d hold on to the tabards. You may pull sartana from tc20, also upcoming purple hotm is much better than obakan.

I held my rings for 3 months even though I have both QoH and Marj sitting 3/70. But now I’m lvling GM so I don’t regret it.

For sure ascension, since you have no other to spend them on. A decision between two heroes is a question, but 2 sets of tabbards with one hero isn’t.

The probability of getting two more better darks is low, but may increase by ascending Obi van.

Keeping tabbards unused is a bad idea. Keeping a hero unleveled to wait for another is another bad idea.

Tabbards will probably come faster than Sartanas…


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