Obakan as third purple or wait?

I have Dom maxed and Sartana at +17. I usually don’t even bother purple mono because they are so slow. I’m wondering if Obakan with Sartana could help. My only other purple 5*s are 2nd Dom or Quintas. I’m probably still weeks away from being able to conduct research on hero academy level 10. Any advice would be much appreciated.

If you aren’t big spender and have 12+ tabards I would max Obakan


Thanks @Radar1 I’m not a big spender but I only have 5 tabards

I would wait if I were you to get at least 11-12 tabards. And then I’d rather go with Quintus than with Obakan, as he wi;; be much more helpful for fast wars and tournaments


I’m also in the “wait” category. Though Obakan MAY add to your short term game, I’d wager that you would regret giving him the tabards in the long run. He was my 1st maxed dark 5* …but I never use him now. AND I’m waiting on Tabards for Victor, Boss Wolf, Quintus (+costume), and Kunchen


FWIW he was my 5th purple and I had close to 20 tabards before ascending him… I don’t think that he’s terrible, I just haven’t had much use for him since I got comfortable with the other purples I already have.