Looking for advice on RED and Purple Heroes

Trying to decide which Purple and Red hero to do next. My alliance uses purple as our main tank on our war defense team (although we do switch from time to time). My current war Defense is (all maxed level):


Those are my only maxed 5*'s (with Mits getting close)

So obviously am looking for a purple 5* tank. Was leveling Obakan who is currently at 3/57. Today I pulled Ursena and Hel. I believe Ursena would be a better tank, but Hel a decent enough tank and would be a better all around hero. So would it be a good idea to just put a cork in Obakan and switch to Hel or Ursena? I have 17 tabards so only need 1 more to ascend all three making that a non-issue. I do have a max Proteus, so kind of have that mana control for raiding/titan already, but also thinking about defense.

I do plan on replacing Zim with Mitsuko once she is done (currently 4/46). I don’t have another good sorceress so Mits is also getting all the emblems. Not sure if Mitsuko and Ursena would be a good pair? Could be reflecting holy and ice specials…

The other question is my next Red… I have Elena, Khagan and Anzogh. I was leaning towards Anzogh simply because if I replace Rigard I won’t have a healer on defense and have no other 5*'s that can heal. Even though his heal isn’t the best and gets worse as the fight goes on. He does seem like he would benefit a lot from the Emblems and that should also boost his heal (if the enemies are buffed), but now the emblems will probably go to Hel (or Ursena). The other issue with Anzogh is that I’d probably not want to replace Mits with him, but would feel like that is needed as I don’t like stacking colors on defense. So maybe I should do Elena for the tile damage vs Green titans (would be a great replacement for Scarlett on my current titan team). Even after Khagan’s buff, I believe he would be low hero on the list unless i’m just underestimating him (does seem like he’d be awesome for 5* Rush tourneys that that is a niche role). With red, I only have 7 rings so most likely only one of them would be ascended to 4 any time soon.

So any advice on who to level next?

With purple goal with be to replace Rigard as War Defense tank, with weight added to utility on other teams.

For red weight would be for non-war defense team exception of potential usefulness of Azgoth as a healer.

Purple: Hel vs Ursena
Red: After Mits then Elena vs Azgoth vs Khagan

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