Who gets the monk emblems?

I have no monks emblemed, and I’m sitting on 1015 emblems. Should I go with Joon, one of these other heroes or hold? I also have 4*’s like Wu, and Wilbur. Picture of my defense is so you can to see my current focus. Does Joon fit better somewhere on it?

I would definitely emblem up Joon and then try a defense of Alasie-Frigg-Garnet-Alfrike-Joon.


If you need to give them to a 5, Joon should be ok.
If you don’t have Miki/Tarlak or Ranvir, then I’d go with Wu.
If you need some boost for 4* events I’d go with Wilbur.
Or you can just spread them to however you think it’s best!
P.S.: Quintus doesn’t use Monk emblems.


Yep. You need his original version emblemed using sorcerer emblems to automatically emblem the costume version which becomes a monk-class hero on the path laid down on which talent tree path the original version is emblemed to.


Ah, yes, thanks! I didn’t even catch that as I haven’t touched him. I have a pretty deep purple bench so he wouldn’t get them anyhow.

I’m currently working on C-Kadilen. I’m thinking Joon, Frigg, Garnet, C-Kadilen, Alasie might be alright. Thoughts?

At this level you won’t notice any difference in cups.


PrU twojej obronie to zdecydowanie Joom o daj go na końcu po prawo zamiast czerwonej Tura zostaw jest mega wstaje z pod ziemi kiedy tylko chce :€

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That defense will probably be fine. Personally, I’m not a big fan of the flanks sharing the same color, but several players swear by it. In this case, it invites red stacks. But as @Vikingblood80 states, once you can consistently stay above 2400 cups, it doesn’t make a ton of difference. You just wouldn’t want to stay with a defense that starts consistently losing you cups. That’s how I gauge it anyway. Let me know how it goes. I’m always tinkering with my defense, and like hearing what works/doesn’t work for others. Part of the fun for me.

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If you use wilbur or wu on attack alot then give them some emblems don’t have to go mad maybe +12
If not I’d save for joon if going to be in your defence in the future.

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Will do man! Thanks!

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