Monk hereos

Hi Yall!! I have several 5* monk hereos, and wanted to get some feedback from others as to their favorites and why.

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Welcome to the forums @acappiello! The more the merrier :+1:

I personally only have 1 5* monk in Joon +7. He is tough to beat though if you have him.

What others will want to see if your whole roster and to know your D team though. That’ll change input dramatically.

Good luck!


Season 1: Joon
HOTM: Drake Fong
Challenge events: Jabberwocky
Seasonal Events: Santa / Rana
Season 2: Wilbur / Tarlak


The only maxed 5* monk I have is Santa that I really don’t use often, but most of the emblems went to Wilbur, Wu and C Li Xiu. Drake Fong, Jabberwocky and Joon are probably the best for Monk emblems. I got Raffelle who will get some emblems, but I still have to finish C Kiril and C Sonya before I work on him

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I focused on my titan game, as I believed it to have the biggest benefit to my allliance. So emblems went to Wu, Wilbur, and Tarlak.

When I’m done with Tarlak, I’ll be putting them into Drake and/or Joon. With Bjorn and Bauchan getting a couple as my guilty pleasures, as I use them both for almost all rare events.

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Awesome!! I dont have Joon yet, but I do have DF and many others

My monks aren’t the greatest. And unfortunately, Wu is still my titan specialist. So I’ve given mine to joon +7 (who is great), Wu +20 (more so necessity), and Wilbur +14 (who most love but I’m not as big of a fan of - use for events)


Ive heard alot about wu in the forums so good one to have, I do have him too just havent touched it yet

I have ~500 monk emblems sitting in inventory at the moment. I’m considering embleming Drake Fong, but at the same time, I’m also hoping to pull Costume Joon sometime in the near future (hopefully he’s featured in next month’s costume chamber). If I do pull costume Joon, I’m not sure who I would give monk emblems to and use on defense team…

Among the 5* monk class, I think Joon is the easiest one to use and to obtain (although still hard to find one). I apparently got him from TC20 twice. One has maxed at 4/80+18, and another one is at 3/55 at the moment.

There are several reasons to choose Joon.

  1. Easier to obtain; elemental draw, costume draw, TOL draw, hero token draw or even TC20.
  2. Joon sniper skill is second to none and very reliable.
  3. He has costume so that he can be enhanced and can participate in 2 classes quests, Monk and Fighter.
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Here it depends what you’re going for. If you already have multiple 5*’s maxed and ready Wu’s limited value would be on titans as a titan specialist. This is even true against yellow titans assuming they don’t reflect.

That being said that can change if you have Miki, Tarlak, Ranvir, or a few others. Again, I think posting your roster, if you’re able, can get you more detailed feedback.

Good luck! :+1:

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Wu Kong is good until you have got 5* Titan specialist:
Miki, Tarlak or Ranvir.

When you get either one of them, you can throw away Wu Kong.
All emblems loaded to Wu Kong can be withdrawn and got to give to someone else.

Also, Wu Kong is somehow okay for offensive team, but extremely hell for defense team since his skill will reduce the attacking accuracy of other heroes too. In the critical moment where you need a sniper to hit and kill the opponent, Wu Kong skill just cause a “MISS”…

Wilbur has +19 and they’re going nowhere.

Ratatoskr has most of the rest (+10), mostly because he’s fun to use and rolls really well with my other greens.

I have Joon(+7)…incredible damage and synergy with Mist.
Wilbur (+14). I’m using him more now with Sumle (+5) another monk and the Mad pig (Gallibuir…pfff …imposible for me the name).
And finally Rana (+1) my next emblem monk project.

I have Rana +18. The only heroes I’d definitely reset her for are costume Joon and Drake, since any other top tier monk like Jabberwok would require other holes to be filled on my D team.

Besides those four, I think Tarlak is worth emblems for someone without Miki, especially if he fits into their raid/war attack lineups. I used to have a bunch on Wilbur, but I only use him on green titans and epic challenge events, so I reset him for Rana and haven’t looked back.