Should I use monk emblems on Bane

…or save them for Li Xiu, who could be ready for them in about a week, or Joon who is probably at least a couple months away from being able to use them?

Save them for Li for now. When Joon is ready you reset Li and give them to Joon… You will loose a few, not a big deal.

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Li Xiu at talent grid lvl 20 with health/defense focus has very close stats to Guin.

-20% mana reduction AoE, plus AoE damage.

I wouldn’t use their names in the same sentence. Guin is self healing and increases her own defense against her natural enemies (dark) by over 50%. I usually don’t even notice when Li Xiu uses her special (if she gets to use it, that is). I’m feeding emblems to Li because I have no other monk to use them on, but as soon as I will, I’m resetting her 100%.

Thank you all for the input. As for Guin, she is nothing but a myth as far as my roster is concerned, so she’s not even a consideration.

Consider that you can always raise a 3* to +1 and get back all emblems for just 1 gem.

If you are from completing Li Xiu and Bane is still a regular in you teams, you can consider raising him to +2 or even more and accept the loss of some token when Li Xiu is ready.

I’ve done the same with Wilbur and Tarlak. I lost 2 emblems when I completed Tarlak and moved the tokens.
But in the meantime I used Wilbur more efficiently, I believe it was worthy.


That is genius. You can store emblems in 3*s while you wait for others to be ready. Any edge, is an edge. Especially wars.

Same goes for 4* vs. 5* heroes. My alt is developing Athena, but it will be another month before she’s maxed, so I’ve been “storing” the emblems on Tibertus. I even pulled a reset emblem from the war chest last week, so reassignment will be free.

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