MONK ! 185 emblems. and one dilemn

hi all

i got Wu K, Wilbur, and Joon ( 72, soon 80 )

many emblems to spend.

I would put Joon on my def team ( Rig +6 // Joon (+3?) // Frida +3 // Obakan +3 // Greg +3 )

so my question is… does joon deserve those emblems?

wu and wilbur are cool too…mghffff !! :slight_smile:

For me with those same heros it was Wu without a doubt. I use him on all my Titan teams and he isn’t hard to kill. He is now way stronger.

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Joon is who I chose after 2 months of decision making

Just to make the triple complete: I used mine on Wilbur, as I use him most often.
The emblems make Wilbur (even more) usable in war and on high level titans.
Wu: stopped using him from 10* titan upwards, like to have control to stun the titan
Joon: strong enough even without emblems.


my team mates said to me Wilbur too.

Joon, is actually my only Yellow Tank for AW, so not easy to make my choice.

but i think it will not change huge things, he’s easy to kill with or without emblems if the board goes on

it seems that so wilbur is the most valuable actually for me

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I gave 65 emblems to Joon just for the “6% chance to resists status ailments.”, then everything to Wilbur! :slight_smile:

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185 emblems gets Joon to 5+3. The defense boost is about 2.8%, which is insufficient to increase the number of tiles needed to kill him.

I’d recommend holding off on embleming Joon until you have enough to get him to +6 or more. Which means, spend on one of the other two. You will likely have another reset emblem by the time you’re ready to emblem up Joon.

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Depends on focus.

Raids - Joon
Titans - Wu

just not sure that WU can get enough PV/DEF with the boost against 11* titans

very boring to keep him alive, he’s always focus in first

i think titans hate the monkey… and wilbur is more versatile, no?

for sure, the benefit from Joon seems light with a+3 ( he got good stats without boost too )

Joon dies just as quickly against 11* titans :rofl:

I usually pick which one i use the most (in my case, Wu kong).

You only need the 5 stronger for your defence, all the others can simply be the more useful, not the “strongest”